We were lucky enough to be invited to the launch of the new Sea Stars exhibit at Birmingham Sea Life centre this weekend.  Princess loves the Sea Life Centre, which you might remember from our last visit to see the Octonauts, which was a huge hit with her. Little Pudding takes in the sea life surroundings too, despite only being 10 month’s old, she still enjoys it.

The new exhibit is a fabulous collection of starfish from across the globe, displayed in an interactive environment, letting big and little kids see them from all angles in the peek-a-boo holes and bubble containers.

red knobbed starfishThere’s so many species to see including Red Knobbed Starfish, Sun Star and Chocolate Knobbed variety.  There are around 1500 starfish, which have existed in our oceans for 450 million years.  The exhibit is full of interesting facts like how they can regenerate lost limbs and project their stomachs, all very much news to me.

We also got chance to see some of our favourites, including the Gentoo Penguins.  We love getting up close to these little fellas and watching them swim through the water. They never miss a photo opportunity either!

gentoo penguins

If they aren’t your favourite sea creature, don’t worry, with 2000 inhabitants across 16 different displays at the Sealife Centre there will definitely be something you’ll love. What about this pair for example?


And this colourful little fella caught my eye.  You wouldn’t miss those lips any where would you?

sea life

Or if you’re more of a Finding Nemo fan, check out these clownfish.  Is that Dory I spy too?  Whoever takes your fancy, Birmingham Sea Life Centre is a great place to visit with the family this Easter.

finding nemo

As well as the amazing exhibitions, the Sea Life Centre has regular educational talks, feeding sessions and a 4D cinema to keep your curious youngsters busy.  You might also bump into a new sea friend if you’re lucky.

turtle character

We always enjoy a walk through the impressive tunnel, and a chance to see the rescued giant green sea turtle and his friends.  We also look forward to seeing the otters and the jellyfish while we’re there.

sea tunnel

If you’re ready to book your visit head over to the Sea Life Centre website, and you’ll be sure to save yourself some pennies if you get your tickets in advance.

Don’t forget your free colouring in printables either:

Sea Turtle



Sea Life Montage


What’s your favourite sea creature?

We were provided with free entry in return for this post

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  1. This looks like an amazing adventure! I love the photos of starfish and penguins! What a great experience for the kids to see all of these creatures up close and personal!

  2. Oh Kitty would love this, starfish and seahorses especially – I must look out where the nearest one to us is x

  3. We went to Birmingham Sea Life Centre a few months ago and loved it – I really like the way they focus on trying to help save sea life and conserve it too. A great place.

  4. We love the Sea Life Centre. The trouble is though, we never make it past the opening without a tantrum. Our toddler loves penguins and thats the first exhibit. He never wants to leave it!

  5. Beautiful! Thanks for reminding that I need to take my little one to the aquarium.

  6. It looks great, I just find it funny because I’ve only ever been to Sea Life Centres that are by the sea, Birmingham certainly isn’t!

  7. Our whole family would enjoy a visit there. We all love to watch sea creatures especially our two and a half year old.

  8. Aw this looks amazing, we are lucky to have Deep Sea World near us which has a great walk through viewing tunnel but sadly no penguins.

  9. We went here a couple of years ago and had a lovely time. Looks like there is lots of new things now so worth another visit x

  10. Such a lovely post! I haven’t taken my youngest to the aquarium yet but she’s fascinated by animals at the mo so I bet she would love it! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂 X

  11. Decided a couple of times to go to B’ham Sealife then have been put off by prices and Tripadvisor comments . Will now think again!

  12. We loved visiting the Sea Life Centre, especially the penguins and the rays camouflaged at the bottom of the tank.

  13. Hello, Aw this looks amazing, we are lucky to have Deep Sea World near us which has a great walk through viewing tunnel but sadly no penguins.

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