Do you enjoy travelling?  You probably think that’s a rather odd question. Who doesn’t enjoy travelling and visiting new places? I think a lot of us do don’t we?


I mean, do you actually enjoy travelling itself? The act of getting from one destination to another? I still find going on a journey very exciting, from the very moment I leave the house and shut the front door behind me.  You’ll never get an ‘Are we nearly there yet?’ from me, as I love the ‘getting there’ too!

Travelling Is Cathartic

Take our recent trip to Costa Brava for example. When I went to bed, I shared some of the excitement my 3 year old was brimming with about going on holiday. I really had to fight with it to get myself to sleep!  When the alarm went of at 5am, I was out of bed like a shot to put the last things in our suitcases and finish getting organised for our trip.

Driving to the airport, leaving work and all the chores behind us, is something that I find very cathartic. I enjoy being at the airport, chasing the kids around and watching all the passengers get ready for their travels. I often wonder if they are going on holiday and where they might be flying too, and if it’s somewhere I’d like to visit one day.

costa brava beach

Flying Is Still Exciting

I still find flying very exciting, no matter how many times I go on a plane. My husband unfortunately isn’t quite so keen, and has got more nervous about getting on a plane over the years. I told him to go and speak to the doctor about it, and they gave him some medication that helped. It was so effective it knocked him out for the 2 hour flight to Barcelona. Fortunately the 1 year old fell asleep too, otherwise I would have had very busy keeping 2 small children happy on a plane. Instead, my 3 year old daughter and I could play cards and enjoy the stunning views.

Leaving home hundreds of miles behind and arriving at the airport is a great feeling. I love knowing I’m getting closer to my holiday destination and I’ve left day to day life far behind me.

From the minute I step off the plane and into the warm climate I’m soaking up every aspect of the country I’m visiting. I like watching the people, hearing the language and thinking about what local food will be on offer.

Taking A Transfer

We have always chosen to get a transfer from the airport to the hotel or apartment where we will be staying. We find this to be the most convenient way to travel with children, who are often flagging by this stage in the trip due to the early start they have had. We have found local transfer companies like really efficient at getting us to our hotel. They take all the stress out of the last leg of the journey. Catching trains or local buses can be really stressful with a tired family and lots of suitcases in tow. This way we don’t get lost and we know the driver will get us to our hotel as he has probably driven this route many times before. It gives us all the chance to relax and watch the local scenery go by until we reach our hotel.

So for me, the answer is yes. I enjoy the travelling, as well as visiting beautiful places like Catalonia. It’s just as well, as we are going to Spain again next week and I’m going to be doing it all again. I don’t know who is more excited, me or the 3 year old.  We are very much looking forward to our girl’s holiday, with lots of visits to the beach and plenty of sight seeing together.

This is a collaborative post

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  1. Due to finances weve only been on holiday once in 7 years. But next year we are planning to go abroad and I am so excited as if we were able to go away a lot more we would. It’s such an exciting experience to see loads of new places.
    Joanna recently posted…Firework safetyMy Profile

  2. I really wish i found flying exciting. I find it more of a neccasity just to get to where i want to go. I agree using the transfer is so much easier. especially when you have children. We are off to Turkey next year and have made everything as easy as possible. x
    Blogging Mummy recently posted…Eating with Brewers FayreMy Profile

  3. I feel the same as you, for me the holiday starts with the preparations. I love the mad dash for last minute bits and pieces, the packing that’s always a mess no matter how resolved I am to travel light and of course the journey. Some peopel can’t relax til they reach the destination but I love the buzz of the airport and the miniature drinks on the plane. It’s all part of the excitement for me too.
    Hannah Fleming recently posted…How to ‘Prepare’ for an Emergency C-SectionMy Profile

  4. I love it, I’ve flown 3 times and I get excited like a kid at Christmas before going away, waking every hour like an idiot haha. I also love the whole waiting int he airport. Eeeek I want a holiday now!! I hope you have a fab trip. Xx
    Lisa – Leelee Loves recently posted…First Baby ShoesMy Profile

  5. I quite like flying, it does still give me that little flare of excitement, I don’t get to do it often so it’s still quite a novelty. We’ve yet to travel with kids apart from Irish public transport which is a nightmare most of the time, but the transfers definitely sound like the best option. Lovely idea for a post.

  6. I’ve never flown before, I’m not sure if I’d enjoy it or not. I should imagine it is very exciting arriving at the airport! I’d love to experience flying. It’s on my bucket list. 🙂 xx

  7. I’ve never taken a transfer. Always found my own way as it was more adventurous but now with my health a transfer would be sensible and a great idea.

    Angela x

  8. I always do the same when going on holidays somewhere warm. Always book the transit. It’s just so much handier.
    We haven’t been on holidays as a family just yet. Hoping to do this next year. I can just imagine traveling with small children stressful. I didn’t go anywhere until I was 5.
    Janine recently posted…A DIY Halloween Photo SessionMy Profile

  9. Yes, I love everything about travelling, even shorter trips in the car lift my spirits. I love travelling so much that I often start packing more than a week before departure date for international trips! Living in NZ makes overseas travel expensive and time consuming (esp to get to the Northern Hemisphere) so I’m not sure if we’ll get any big trips for a while with a baby in tow! I’ll have to be content with road trips for now. #MyFavouritePost

  10. I find travelling a bit stressful, but being abroad, or being in my destination is amazing. It’s the whole airport, transport links, accommodation bit that drive me mad!

  11. I don’t mind the airport part, there’s usually enough going on to pass the time, but generally I just wish I was there! I do enjoy the transfer at the other end though. Its the first chance to see a bit of the country. Thanks for hosting #myfavouritepost

  12. I have to be honest – I hate travelling. I like being in new places, but I hate the process of getting there. So many things to go wrong, so much time to stress… #myfavouritethings

  13. I love being able to travel and see new places but I hate the actual ‘traveling’ bit of having to get there and back. I find it all so stressful, long and more complicated than it should be – airport security, delays, etc. it’s just all so ridiculous to me. Is that picture of the Costa Brava? It looks beautiful!

  14. I myself love to travel, the feeling of being away from home but not yet at the destination. There is a kind of freedom in that. But that is travelling on my own.

    We’ve still not ventured abroad yet with our three-year-old; he doesn’t even have a passport. The thought of transporting the travel cot, etc. is terrifying. But his little sibling is on the way, so the ante will be upped pretty soon. We’ll have to see how that goes.


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