Airport? More like air-bored! If you enjoy people watching just take a look around your local airport and you’ll see one of these three people.

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Person number one is a zombie, staring blank-faced at the purgatorial walls of the departure lounge they’re trapped in for the next few hours. This is usually my husband by all accounts.  Even we give him a wide birth!

Person number two is redder in the face than a tomato, the blood vessels in their head ready to pop if one more security guard dares to ask about the contents of their luggage.  We’ve all seen this person haven’t we, you have to feel a bit sorry for them don’t you.

And person number three? They’re as calm as a Hindu cow. Perhaps they whistle jauntily as they read their newspaper or make friendly chitchat with the people around them.   This is the person we all want to be, right?

In a place largely deemed to be one of the most stressful on the planet, how is it possible to keep your cool? Amidst security checks, baggage searches, armed police officers on every gate and the aching stomach that inevitably hits nervous fliers, airports seem purpose-built to create stress.

Not if you’re a savvy traveller though. You don’t have to be hopping with rage in a nondescript departure lounge – take a look at a few of these tips to chill out and enjoy yourself so you can make the most of your trip from door to door.

Prep Your Parking

Are you one of those people who think before you’ve even entered the airport, it feels like it’s plotting against you? After all, have you ever tried to find a parking space at somewhere like Gatwick or Stansted? It’s chock-a-block. You’re more likely to find a space in an airtight tuna can.

But various third-party services will collect your car directly from your terminal, drive it to a safe location and keep it safe for you until you return from your trip.

Gatwick meet and greet parking is a prime example of the service, even offering to drive your car to a different airport of your choosing, how’s that for service.? That’d certainly lessen your worries about planning wouldn’t it!

The Right Departure

We’ve all sat in departure lounges with the personality of a lobotomy patient. Blank walls, uncomfortable chairs, bleak views of the runway and a dinky cafe where an Americano will cost you more than your flight – it’s hardly the best way to start your journey.

Anyone willing to shell out, then, should consider a VIP departure lounge. These luxury venues let you wait for your flight in style, with feature such as free Wi-Fi, big-screen tellies, games consoles, newspapers and complementary fruit juices to help you enjoy your trip. They’re guaranteed stress relievers.  I am definitley upgrading next trip.

Surrounding Areas

Not every airport is in the middle of nowhere. Some are surrounded by picturesque villages, tourist hotspots or perfect spots to watch flights departing and landing.

Before you travel to your terminal, take the time to explore your surroundings. You could find somewhere even more relaxing than your holiday destination.  You never know!

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  1. I’m definitely number three – I sit back, read my kindle, eat some jellies or enjoy sipping a cup of coffee whilst I wait for my flight! I’ve travelled with number ones and number twos in the past! Great post!


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