A scooter will feature on so many Christmas present lists to Santa this year I thought it would be great to share with you this cool infographic.  These great scooter tips and tricks will help your children get the most from their new toy and have a lot of fun.

Having a scooter is such fun and gives children a little bit more freedom and independence to enjoy the world around them.  I had no idea that scooters were great for stunts too, but this seems like such a fun way to learn new skills and get some exercise too.

If you are the kind of family that enjoy getting out on Christmas day, it would be such fun to take your kids to the park with their new scooter and have a go at the hippy jump or the X-UP.

Everyone can have a go and it will be a great way to encourage your children to make sure they have their safety gear on.  Everyone will be getting some fresh air and exercise while having a lot of fun.  Don’t forget to take your camera, as there will definitely be some photo opportunities as Dad tries to take on the tail whip trick.  If he falls off wouldn’t it make a great Facebook photo, I’m sure your friends would love it 😉

If you haven’t picked up a scooter yet, you still have time to get a model that will help your son or daughter master the grind.  Make sure your child stays safe, has fun and know’s where they can use their scooter too.  I think this infographic is going to be well used this Christmas, and children are going to learn all the different aspects having a scooter really quickly.  Parents will know exactly which one to buy too!

Scooter Tips & Tricks

Halfords Scooter Infographic Final VersionThis is a collaborative post


  1. My little one is too young for a scooter at the moment but I had one as a child (when they were a new thing, God I’m old!) and I loved it. My favourite trick was learning to jump with it, I thought I was so cool, lol!

  2. My 3 year old got a scooter for Xmas last year. He’s not able to go on it but when the weather is picking up again we might give it another go. I do find a bit over the top wearing a helmet when on a scooter. I suppose it’s only really when you do the things you highlighted above.
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