We have been busy doing Easter crafts and we thought we’d share our quick & easy ideas for making Easter decorations with kids.  I hear so many parents say they are struggling to find the time to do easter crafts for children or lacking in inspiration so I wanted to help out.  These easter crafts for kids will help anyone who needs some help with getting creative with their children this Spring.

You only need a few easter craft supplies to have a fun session with preschoolers and toddlers.  Remember you are not after perfection, it’s about being creative and helping toddlers and preschoolers develop their fine motor skills.  As long as they are sticking, gluing, painting and having fun it really doesn’t matter what the finished Easter crafts looks like.

Easy Easter Crafts For Kids

Here are some of the Easter egg crafts we have been making together to give you some inspiration.  These are perfect things to make at Easter with toddlers and preschoolers.

Easter Crafts for Kids

Easter Crowns Craft

Required: Foam Easter Crowns and self adhesive Easter foam stickers.

The girls both enjoyed this easy Easter activity a lot.  We found some Easter Crowns in our local craft shop and bought some foam stickers to go with them.  The stickers that came in the Easter crown pack weren’t self adhesive so these extra stickers were worth investing in.  We like mess free easter craft ideas a lot in our house!

They decorated the crowns with the Easter foam stickers and were really pleased with their finished easy easter craft.  This was a really low mess activity and perfect for a toddler and preschooler to do together if you have young children at home to occupy.

All they had to do with this Easter art activity was decorate the crown and secure it together.  They loved wearing the crowns afterwards, and made a great accessory to wear to our easter parties.

kids making easter crownsMaking Felt Easter Baskets Craft

This easter arts and crafts pack was another set we picked up in our local craft shop. This set came with enough craft supplies to make 3 Easter Felt Baskets.  It was a good activity for my preschooler to do as it included lots of skills like following instructions, sewing and sticking.

Felt Easter basket craft for kids

A toddler can still take part on this easter craft, but they may need a little more help and guidance from a parent.  The easter basket need to decorated with the felt cut out shapes provided.  The easter basket is then sewn together with ribbon.  Sewing is an excellent activity for children to help with fine motor skills.

Making Easter Chicks Craft

We were sent a set of Easter craft supplies from Minerva Crafts to help us with our Easter activities for kids.  It included foam and felt pieces, polystyrene eggs, Easter ribbon, feathers and pom poms for decoration.  I got my thinking cap on and with a touch of inspiration from some Pinterest Easter crafts we set to work on making some Easter chicks.

Easter craft supplies

Required: Paint, googley eyes, glue, egg box, feathers

My preschooler daughter set to work on painting her egg.  We found that sticking a cocktail stick in the egg for her to hold made this activity a lot easier for her.

After the Easter egg had dried for a while we added some googley eyes and feathers. We also cut a section from an egg box for the decorated easter chick to sit in.  We also painted this yellow and cut some orange foam to make a beak and stick it to the decorated chick.

decorate easter egg craft idea

The Easter chick craft makes a lovely decoration for this time of year, and can easily be displayed on windowsills, shelves or mantlepieces.  Your toddlers and preschoolers might enjoy naming their chicks once they’ve made them as well.

Foam Chicks Sitting In Grass

Required: Foam pieces, eyes, pom poms, feathers, glue

These Easter decorations are perfect if you have bought a pack of Easter craft supplies.  If you are looking for Easter activities for toddlers, this is a really easy craft for young kids.  I cut some yellow foam into an egg shape and then some green foam into grass to cover the bottom of the egg.

foam easter craft for kids

We used a glue stick to stick the foam pieces together and then decorated them with eyes, feathers and a beak.  We also added some green pom poms to the grass for some extra decoration.

This is the kind of easter activity that is easy to modify depending on what your children want to make.  You could cut out some long ears and a rabbit nose for example and it could easily be turned into an easter bunny too.

Decorating Foam Easter Eggs Craft

The last of our easy easter crafts is an activity I used at my daughters 4th birthday, so I know it works well for preschoolers and early years children.  I simply cut easter egg shapes from pieces of foam and put them in a party bag.  I also added a selection of foam stickers to the party bag for the kids to use to decorate their eggs. Everyone at the party loved this easter activity so you could easily use it for any special event you are having in Spring. If you want an even easier version of this easter craft activity, you can buy this craft online.

It was one of those Easter ideas that only took less than 5 minutes to set up but gave the kids a lovely craft activity to do when they needed a little break from running around the soft play centre at the birthday party.

decorating foam easter eggs crafts

I really hope you enjoyed our easter crafts for preschoolers and toddlers.  Have these easter activities for kids given you some ideas for art projects with the kids?  Which kids easter crafts will you be making this Spring?

We were provided with a set of supplies from Minerva crafts to help make these Easter activity ideas.



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