Getting good quality sleep when you are travelling can be a challenge for all kinds of reasons.  Changes in timezone can reek havoc on our sleep patterns and sleeping in an unfamiliar environment can also be very unsettling.  The excitement, and sometimes stress of getting to your destination can also effect how much sleep you get at night, and it can really effect your holiday experience.  If you don’t have strategies and sleep aids at the ready to make sure you are well rested enjoying your trip can soon become a challenge.

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An eye mask for travel is a really useful thing to have at your disposal and can help you get quality sleep on the go if you are going to be spending a lot of time on a train or plane.  I have a great travel kit to help me sleep when I’m travelling which includes the Tempur® Sleep Mask.  This is an ideal sleep mask for travel as it’s really comfortable to wear and blocks out all daylight helping you to get the rest you need on your trip.

Tempur Travel Pillow Eye Mask

Also, in my sleep travel kit is the amazing travel sized Tempur® travel pillow.  This Tempur® pillow provides all the traditional comfort you would expect from Tempur® but in a smaller size perfect for all kinds of travel where comfort is required.  I love to use it to get some sleep on the move but it’s also great to provide additional comfort in the car, in the garden or even on the sofa when a quick nap is needed.  For more ways to help you to get the rest you need when travelling, I’ve compiled a list of the best sleep tips to help you during holiday season.

How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep When You Are On Holiday

Sleep Tips For When You Are Travelling

  • Set your watches and phones to the new time zone as soon as you start travelling.
  • Getting into your new routine as quickly as possible is going to help you sleep better.  This isn’t just about when you sleep, but also when you eat as it’s all connected to your body clock.
  • Start adapting the body clock to new time zone by sleeping at your new bedtime as quickly as possible. Use the Tempur® eye mask and travel pillow for getting into a comfortable position and creating a sense of darkness.
  • It’s also equally as important to stay awake when travelling if it’s still daytime or evening in the timezone you are travelling to.
  • Drink plenty of water while you are travelling and moderate stimulants like coffee and alcohol, especially when you need to sleep.
  • Use sleep meditation recordings or ear plugs to help you zone out of what’s going on around you if you are trying to sleep in an unnatural environment like a plane or bus.   By simulating the dark and peaceful surroundings you are used to at bedtime it will help  you go to sleep.
  • It also helps to make use of the blankets provided on planes or make sure you are warm and comfortable so it helps you to fall asleep.  This is because your body temperature drops when you are asleep.
  • Plan your trip to avoid stressful situations like being late, getting caught in traffic and the nightmare of missing travel documents.

Tips For How To Sleep When You Are Travelling | Sleep travel pillow | Travel eye mask

Think About Sleep When You Book Your Holiday

  • Arrange your flight times so that they that don’t disrupt your routine too much.
  • Book your hotel or holiday accommodation wisely to avoid nightly disturbances when you arrive.  Read traveller’s reviews to get their experiences and think about the type of guests that might be staying there.
  • Stay in an airport hotel before travelling so you are well rested before your flight, especially if you have to get an early flight.

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Tips For Getting Enough Sleep On Holiday

  • Maintain your regular bedtime and morning routine where possible in terms of reading before bed or what time you would usually get up.
  • Be physically active during the day when you are on holiday so you feel tired at night.
  • Use your eye mask to discourage the use of mobiles or tablets before going to sleep.  If you have to remove your sleep mask to check Facebook, it might put you off and help you get to sleep sooner.
  • Pack soothing drinks that you can use at bedtime, like camomile tea, that help you go to sleep.
  • Get to know the air conditioning  system in your hotel room quickly and set it to a comfortable room temperature.
  • If you experience an issue with your accommodation that effects your sleep, speak to the hotel staff about it as they might be able to help.
  • Avoid things that may cause discomfort and effect your sleep like sunburn or insect bites.
  • Take steps to maintain good digestive health and avoid any illness by following good hygiene habits and following local travel advice.
  • If you are travelling with people you don’t normally live with, set some ground rules around your sleeping arrangements and preferences so that everyone gets the rest they need.

If your sleep while travelling and on holiday is important to you why not pop into one of the participating stores and take the Tempur® Challenge?  All you need to do is go in between 10th July and 7th August and test out some Tempur® mattresses for a chance to win a Tempur® travel pillow of your own.

It’s great to read your comments, and it would help other travellers if you have any other suggestions for getting a better nights sleep when you are travelling or on holiday.

This post is in conjunction with Tempur® but all thoughts are my own

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  1. Great advice! I find flying east or west across time zones can really impact on sleep routine so you need to be aware how many hours ahead or behind your destination is and book flights accordingly. As for flying south to places such as Africa, I find a night flight is the best option.

  2. Ive never been able to sleep on a plane, though ive never flown anything other than Economy or Premium Economy, I would love to see what it is like to have a bed on a plane x

  3. Fantastic advice, thank you.
    I always struggle with large time differences when travelling, and hopefully our next trip will be less tiring if I follow this advice!
    I always struggle sleeping on planes, the next time will be on a Dreamliner so hopefully more space will help a little 🙂

  4. Such great advice, especially using an eye mask to create darkness when needing to sleep. It’s useful for hospital, too.

  5. Great tips. Sleeping while travelling has always been a problem for me. Well, to be honest, sleeping properly anytime is a problem for me. I will try the eye mask at home and while travelling in future.

  6. Brilliant tips – I do find adjusting to the new timezone instantly really does help – and my daughter loves a sleep mask even at home, she’s converted me to one when travelling!


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