We were gifted these sorbet towels in exchange or this review

Sorbet towels have been an absolute godsend on our two recent holidays to Genoa and Seville.

I decided it would be a pretty sensible move to have our swimming bags already packed and ready to go for both these trips.  The first thing kids want to do when they go on holiday is to visit the beach or jump in the pool, right?

busy swimming pool with hamman towel on fence

Having the swimming bag already packed meant saving precious time, and not keeping excited kids waiting too long.  I always find that it’s excited children that find patience the hardest skill to master, and can get themselves into trouble pretty easily.  That’s never a great way to start a holiday, is it!

I was completely new to Hamman towels when Sorbet got in touch and asked us to review them for them.  The first thing that really impressed me was how light they were.  Bulky, fluffy towels take up a lot of room in a suitcase, but Hamman cotton towels are a lot more compact and fit into a tote swimming bag perfectly!

family swimming in pool

Sorbet gifted us a pair of large (180*100) Hamman towels and they are such a great size.  Not only did they make great towels, but I was also able to wear them as a sarong really easily. In fact, Sorbet Hamman towels are really versatile. They can be used as wraps, throws, table cloths and even scarfs.

It’s the practical kind of item you want in every family suitcase really!

As a towel, they are really absorbent and super soft which is perfect for both children and adults.  The ice cream like colours also makes them a fun accessory for by the pool or on the beach.  The other thing about Sorbet towels that I think Zena’s Suitcase readers will love is that they dry really quickly, so they are ready for the next trip to the pool or beach in no time!

Hamman towels are becoming increasingly popular these days, so why should you buy them from Sorbet?  I’ve become a huge fan of this company because they have such a fab story.  The discovered Hamman towels on holiday and after discovering how much their friends and family loved them, they created Sorbet in 2011.

sorbet hamman towel draped on chair next to pool

Their Hamman towels, wraps and throws are authentically produced in rural Turkey so you know that you are getting the genuine product.   They have a gorgeous range of 28 ice cream like colours to choose from, so there is something here that everyone will love.

We have fallen in love with our Sorbet towels and would happily recommend them to our readers to use in the home, while travelling or at the festivals this summer.

Sorbet Towels Giveaway

I’m delighted to announce that the lovely people at Sorbet have gifted two of their beautiful Hamman towels as a giveaway prize for one very lucky Zena’s Suitcase reader.  If you would love to add some brand new Hamman towels to your suitcase for your next holiday, all you need to do is enter via the rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Competition ends 30th August. Other T & C’s apply

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  1. these look perfect for every suitcase, to me the pool is what makes a holiday, and being so lightweight and versatile is brilliant

  2. Would love this prize to replenish our inventory of beach and pool side towels. It seems that towels often disappear when taken to the beach – perhaps they dissolve in the salty air?

  3. I would love these towels as we seem to get through so many during the school holidays, these look nice as well as practical

  4. we live by the seaside and my 7 year old is constantly in the sea paddling these towels would be perfect over the summer to dry her off

  5. I would love to win this prize, as the towels are bright, light and versatile and would not take up a lot of room in my suitcase.

  6. I really like the bright colours and the “foodie” theme (cucumber, lemon, satsuma, lime), which makes me even more “hungry” to win!

  7. Absorbent and dries quickly? Usually you are stuck choosing between the two! The fact they are soft is just the icing on the cake!

  8. they look great towels and they may even stop the people on the beach trying to get me to buy a beach towel when im on holiday

  9. You’ve done such a great review of these towels, I now feel like I must have some to take on our jollies this year xx

  10. These would be a great addition to our new home. As first time buyers, my husband and I would appreciate any extra good quality bits and pieces to fill our home with.

  11. I discovered these towels a few years ago and love them. Often give them as gifts but have very few myself so a couple more would be lovely.

  12. I love this style of towel! I haven’t actually got any other than bath towels so it would be great to have something like this for holidays

  13. I’ve heard of these towels quite a few times now and I am rather interested in seeing what all the fuss is about for myself.

  14. I like the idea that the towels can double up as scarves, tablecloths or a sarong if needed. I am always trying to save space in our suitcases

  15. I would love to win because my husband and I turn into water babies when we go on holiday so I end up packing 4 beach towels because of the length of time they take to dry! This means they take up an awful lot of space in our case. These Hamman towels would be ideal.

  16. I’d love to win because the colours are gorgeous and our towels are definitely at the “need to be replaced” stage!

  17. Towels are very useful, practical every day necessities. These towels seem so versatile, to have the opportunity to make use of them would be great. With a family which ranges from babyhood – elderly, and inbetween. We certainly are in need of towels, and their quality and durability are important aspects for us.

  18. I travel a lot and get frustrated how much space and weight towels take up, when there are lots of other things I’d prefer to take instead! So these look a great and stylish alternative.

  19. We do alot of camping and backpack travelling with our daughter and I find that travel towels don’t dry well and are uncomfortable on the skin. These look like a perfect alternative x

  20. i usually buy towels from tesco, when they have a sale – so, it would be interesting to see how the other half live, and enjoy luxury ones x

  21. I love that these dry so quickly and can double up as a sarong. Nothing worse than a thick wet beach towel wrapped around you!

  22. I’d love these so I had some stylish towels to use, I usually end up panic buying new ones at the last minute before our hols!

  23. these towels do look great for holidays – light and quick drying with a great range of colours, these are gorgeous and useful xx

  24. We have a private stretch of river that runs through the farm and it has a really good swimming spot. These would be much more practical than taking heavy traditional towels down to swim with.

  25. You are quite correct – normal towels take up way too much room in the suitcases, these sound like an ideal substitute :o)

  26. They have these towels in a holiday cottage that i clean, and they not only look lovely but they dry really quickly. I would love one of my own.

  27. I’ve heard so many people rave about these towels, I need some of my own!! The colours are just gorgeous, I especially love the rose and liquorice!

  28. They look perfect for taking on holidays. I find some can be too thick that they don’t dry quick. This looks around the right thickness x

  29. I am absolutely intrigued by a towel that can be worn as a sarong or used as a tablecloth yet still retains it’s softness and absorbency.They sound like a sound investment as a holiday essential for me as I enjoy tours and cruises and prefer to travel light.The colours sound delightful so I could pick my favourite colour too. They sound a winner all round.

  30. I love the colours of these towels and as we are going on holiday in September it would be perfect to take these towels on holiday with us

  31. These towels sound amazing. Our old towels are heavy and bulky so without them there would be so much more room in the suitcase

  32. I love that they dry quickly. I’ve lost count of the amount of times our towels have still been wait the next day and it really isn’t ideal so these would be excellent.

  33. I wouldn’t say that these towels look ‘fab’. I’d say these towels look sh*t. They do though, don’t they?

    If I had been ‘gifted them’ I would also put them into a prize draw as well.

  34. The beach towels we have are over 10 years old. How lovely it would be, on our next holiday, to snuggle up to these cosy towels after a dip in the pool instead of taking the top layer of skin off when rubbing ourselves dry with the old scratchy ones.

  35. These would be perfect for my holiday – they are so much classier than the current beach towels that I’ve had for years and years!


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