At a time when we are asking kids to stay at home more than they have ever done before, taking care of their mental health and well being is crucial.  Since the lockdown begun in the UK 3 weeks ago we have a wellbeing session on our homeschool timetable once a week. Mindfulness exercises can reduce anxiety massively.

We use this session for activities, discussion and self care and it’s an important part of our week. I focus on helping Brook and Indie understand how they are feeling and giving them the tools to cope with those feelings.

This week I started creating a series of activity worksheets for Adventurous Kids who might be missing their travels while we are being asked to stay at home. You can see the first set of travel themed colouring and educational worksheets I made here.

I really enjoyed making these kids worksheets and I had lots of great feedback about them.  I really enjoyed seeing people share their pictures and videos of their kids doing the activities! Please keep sharing them AND tag me so that I can see them!

Here’s a new set of Adventurous Kids activities for travel loving children focused on mindfulness and meditation.  I hope the exercises are useful and provide you and your children with a sense of calm in these challenging circumstances we find ourselves in.

Visualisation Meditation Worksheet for Kids

Kids Visualisation MeditationUse this drawing activity sheet to encourage your child to use visualisation techniques to feel calm and happy.  Once they have completed the worksheet, ask them to close their eyes and imagine their favourite place for a few minutes.

Download your free kids meditation worksheet here. 

Worry Air Balloon Activity

Kids Worksheet Balloon MeditationIt’s quite natural for kids to worry at the best of times, so it’s highly likely to happen when their routine has been disrupted and they can’t see their friends.  Encourage your child to talk about their worries and concerns. Write or draw them in the air balloon and imagine them floating away, getting smaller and smaller.

Download the worry activity for kids here.  

Free Mindfulness Colouring Activity

Kids Worksheet mindfulness colouringMy children really enjoy colouring. It’s such an relaxing and calming activity to do at any time. The beautiful town colouring activity is perfect for travel loving children of all ages.

Download the free mindfulness colouring activity for kids here. 

Kids Maze Activity

Kids Worksheet Travel MazePuzzles are a great distraction for children, so I’ve included this fun maze activity for them to try.  Each child needs reuniting with their family by finding their way home.

Download the free kids maze activity here. 

What Makes a Good Travel Companion Activity Sheet

Kids Worksheet Travel CompanionThis activity encourages your child to think about what qualities make a good travel companion.  It’s a useful activity to help your child talk about positive and negative behaviours that can imact on your family when travelling.

Download the good travel companion activity here. 

Design a Postcard Activity

Design a Postcard ActivityThinking about happy memories can bring us instant joy. This simple design activity encourages your child to think about places they have visited and create a postcard they would send to a friend.

Download the design a postcard activity here

I hope you and your child enjoy these free printable activities. I know we can’t travel right now, but we can still think about it and relive those precious memories while we are at home.  These are challenging times, but it is giving us the opportunity to slow down and spend quality time with our loved ones.

I will keep trying to bring you a variety of free printable downloads while we are in lockdown.  We have found keeping busy and having structure in the day a huge benefit to coping with the restrictions.  These are the types of activities we are doing together at home and I hope they help Zena’s Suitcase readers too.

Get more free printable downloads here


Activity Sheets For Kids & Travel Themed

If you would would like the Adventurous Kids Activity eBook you can download it  here.

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Mindfulness & Meditation Activities for Travel Loving Kids

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