Taking a cruise is the best and most stress-free way to see the world. It is a trip that’s made of multiple different holidays, excursions, and adventures. A perfectly relaxing way to see the untouched corners of the world as well as the large metropolitan cities.

It is not a vacation, it is a special experience like no other. The only way you can make it better is by embarking on a private cruise. A private cruise offers a very detailed and tailor-made experience in small groups. More privacy, more luxury, and more space on board. More adventure, more activities, and more freedom onshore.  

But whether you choose a private cruise or not, you will still have to choose the cruising destinations. Here are the crème de la crème destinations when it comes to cruises.


There are thousands of reasons why you will find Indonesia on top of merely all the best cruising destinations lists. The largest archipelagic country in the world offers 18,000 tropical islands ready for you to explore. 

Discover the Jurassic-like paradise that is Komodo Island. Swim in multicolored volcanic lakes of Kelimutuin Flores. Swim and dive in the heart of the Earth’s Coral Triangle. Watch hammer-headed sharks in the Forgotten Island and step back in the 17th century on The Banda Islands.

Every little piece of this heaven on Earth offers something new and exciting. If you are searching for a destination that will amaze you with both nature and culture, this is it. Indonesia offers everything you need to make your trip an experience and an adventure of a lifetime. 

The Amazon River

The beautiful secrets that the Amazon River holds are only found out by exploring it by boat. An Amazon river cruise is the most rewarding nature expedition in this world.

The Amazon River is the straightforward path to the heart of Earth’s largest rainforest. The Amazon rainforest just happens to be the home of the most diverse collection of plant and animal life.

Experience the remote wilderness and inhibited sections of the Rio Negro. Take exciting jungle walks in the Peruvian Amazon jungle. Visit local communities in Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. Fish for piranhas along the way and watch the most amazing sunsets and sunrises.


A cruise along the Norwegian coast may be one of the most magical trips that you can ever go on. Every season has something stunning to offer. In summer you can enjoy breathtakingly scenic green horizons and in winter you can experience the Northern Lights.

You can sample local goat’s cheese in Tiny Undreal. Explore the Sognefjord in a kayak. Hyke in Flam and visit the miracle that is the Brekkefossen waterfall. And you even have the opportunity to experience Viking life in Gudvangen. 


If you want to wake up each day to a different glorious beach of a different amazing country then the Caribbean Islands are the perfect cruising destination for you. 

For a nature’s fix, snorkel with turtles in Tobago or hike St.Lucia’s volcanic Pitons. Lay back and relax to the sounds of reggae music on a beach in Jamaica. Dance the nights away in Barbados and eat the most delicious chocolate in Grenada. 

Let yourself get lost in the tropical lands, waters, foods, and drinks that the Caribbean has to offer. 

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The Danube River

The most unique and thrilling way to get to know Europe in all its glory is with a cruise on the Danube River. The Danube River flows through 10 different countries in Europe from Germany’s Black Forest to the Black Sea.

You get to see cities like Budapest and Vienna and immerse yourself in the stunning architecture. Get lost in Amsterdam or one of its many museums. Explore Nuremberg and Cologne.

If the natural beauties of the coastline weren’t enough, this trip offers some of the most amazing land excursions where you get to visit the world’s most beautiful historical, cultural, and architectural sites. 

The British Isles

Tidal islands and a large variety of landscapes are some of the reasons why The British Isles make an extraordinary cruise destination.

On this cruise you will get to see, visit, learn and touch everything British. Stand in the middle of some of the most historic castles in the world. Learn about the history of the British people and get lost in museums. Be enchanted by the view of the White Cliffs in Dover and experience the famous London nightlife.  


Maybe not the first location that comes to mind when you think of cruise destinations, but Mexico deserves a place on any cruise destination list. The many historical monuments and prime surfing spots are just the first of many reasons why Mexico makes a thrilling cruising destination.

While on this trip you will always cruise on crystal clear waters and see the amazing coral life from above. Surf, snorkel, or dive in them. Experience one of the most delicious cuisines in the world that will leave your taste buds singing. Visit Mayan ruins in Tulum and the Aztec roots in Tenochtitlan.

Mexico is a cruise destination that will make you feel the most alive you have ever felt. It will feed your soul and awaken your spirit. It’s nothing short of a transformative experience.  

We hope we’ve inspired you with this list of top cruising destinations. Where will your next cruise holiday take you?

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