I hate cleaning the oven.  It’s probably the most detested domestic chore in the UK, or even the world!  We had a new oven about a year ago.  With toddlers, teens, work and everything else in between this dirty job keeps going to the bottom of the pile.  When Oven Pride claimed they could make this job ‘less of a nightmare’, Zena said send it on over here and this heavily pregnant grime fearing Mummy Blogger will put it through it’s paces.


It came with everything needed to get the job done, bags for the grills, plastic gloves and the cleaning solution.  It promises unbeatable results, claims to be powerful and suggests it’s fume free and easy to use.  I really hope so, as one my sense of smell is in overdrive and I ain’t feeling the love for a whole heap of scrubbing with my head in the oven.  This is what we’re up against Oven Pride….


cookerI hear you!  It’s pretty grim.  We love Roast Chicken and it’s put through it’s paces every week.  If any oven should have ‘CLEAN ME!’ marked out in the grease it would be this one.  I’m sorry world, I’m no domestic goddess!


So, windows open as recommended I’ve put the grills in the bag provided.  Pretty easy stuff.  The solution is quite thick so with a bit of maneuvering it’s pretty easy to get them covered.  There is definitely no noxious smell, in fact no smell at all!  I’m impressed  as something horrid would probably make me gag at this moment in time.



The rest of the solution was easy to apply. It just glided on and judging by the state of the sponge started working straight away.  Great, leave for at least 4 hours and see what happens next!  Fingers crossed it’s a shiny grime free oven……


clean cooker 2

So, got some work on the blog done, went for a much needed walk,  treated myself to lunch (because quite frankly I deserve it) then back home to clean the oven.  Oven Pride has been working it’s magic for about 5 hours, but it does say overnight is best.


Now, I really can’t be on my hands and knees too long so I was pleased that Oven Pride came off  with just a gentle scrub.  The glass front is positively gleaming.  The grills were easy to clean as well and it was great that all the grimey solution was left in the bag to dispose of easily.


I was provided with the Oven Pride Cleaner for the purpose of writing this review.  I would say my oven is 99% clean, which considering what it was up against is pretty amazing.  If I’d left it overnight, that stubborn 1% may have been sorted out.   As I now have a clean oven I have no regrets about providing this review and would definitely use Oven Pride again.



Family Fever


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  1. Fully envious of your clean oven! Ours is utterly minging – I’m really cautious of oven cleaners as the smell and fumes would affect my asthma. I bought some oven cleaner but it’s still in the drawer unopened!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. We are just about to move (fingers crossed) and I have been dreading having to clean the oven before we go!

    I was wondering about these cleaning kits, but they sounded a bit scary. After reading this, I think it’s definitely the way to go!



  3. I hate cleaning my oven, it has to be the worst job ever! So anything that will help make it easier I am all for! 🙂 x #TriedTested


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