If you were to ask me what my favourite invention from the 20th century was, it would be without a shadow of a doubt the humble dishwasher.  To me this was revolutionary technology that brought so much to the home and the family, as well as the kitchen.

I remember distinctly getting my first one installed when we moved house a few years back.  I knew it was going to make a massive difference to our family and it was going to save me that painful task of washing dishes by hand.  The fact that our new home had plumbing and space for one was a definite selling point.

I had never been that domestic goddess who made sure all the pots were washed up and put away before bed.  I’d pile them up as high as they would go until we were in danger of running out of crockery.  No one else was jumping in to save the day either.  It was a chore no one wanted to do, and many a cross word was had over who’s turn it was to do the dishes.

Filling the dishwasher was painless in comparison, and Daddy soon put himself in charge of making sure he made optimum use of the space available to get those dirty dishes clean.  I’ve tried to fill it up, but he always goes in after me and can’t help but rearrange a few mugs.  A calm descended over our marriage now the piles of dirty dishes were eing taken care of by our new friend.

Teen empties the machine in the morning, as a part of his list of chores.  As the dishwasher takes the drying out of it, his life is easier too.  I still get a little fraught that he can’t put something back in the same place twice but it’s nothing in comparison to the battle we had getting him to put on a pair of marigolds.

I’m not sure what we’d do without our favourite household appliance.  It makes such a difference to our lives seeing as we are busy with work, teen, preschooler and baby.  It saves us so much time and perhaps more importantly arguments that it would be a complete disaster if we were left without it.

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