How to get more space in the home?  This is a constant issue for us.  We have two small children who have accumulated a lot of stuff between them in the last 3 years.  My son, has less stuff than them to be honest, but takes up the second biggest bedroom.  He spends a lot of time in there, so that’s fair enough I think.

I scratch my head daily about how to organise things better, but feel we need to make more space if we are ever going on get on top of it.  My husband needs a desk somewhere, as he’s always has a project on the go somewhere across the web.  I need somewhere to blog, and the dining table just ain’t cutting it at the moment.

It had just crossed my mind to reclaim the small bedroom from my daughter and use it as an office, then she goes and does this!  With no warning whatsoever, she moves into her bedroom and my dream of having a little office space is over in a heartbeat. Talk about sods law!

So we are back to square one, and trying to decide what’s the best option for us and our home.  Where we live, a lot of people have already converted their loft space, so we are confident this is an option for us.  Our neighbour has quite an overbearing dormer conversion but I’m not sure what she has gained by it.  It’s still a 3 bedroomed property as she will have lost a bedroom on the first floor to have stairs installed.  She has an ensuite now, but that doesn’t seem like a lot for the cost.

I think for our needs a VELUX option will be much more practical and affordable as we need storage and somewhere to work occasionally, we aren’t looking for extra living space.  The roof space has a good ceiling height already, and there are no obstructions preventing us from using the space, so a dormer isn’t essential.

It’s strange that our loft hasn’t been updated before.  It looks like someone started the project as there are electrics and loft ladders up there already, it just needs boarding out and a source of natural light and ventilation.  The front of our property gets the best of the sunshine, so a blackout blind will be essential to reflect the sun’s heat in the warmer weather. If you’re reading this article from Australia and you’ve found the same scenario with your electrics, look no-further and discover the Sydney Electrician Mr Sparky today.

Just in the short space of time of writing this post, my ideas for using our space better are really coming together.  Making an office in our home all of a sudden seems quite achievable.   Fingers crossed it comes together.  Have you made extra space in your home?  What option worked best for you?


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