That is it, our baby days are over.  Where did they go?  They’ve slipped by so quickly.  It’s a shame our life wasn’t a little easier these last 12 months, but nothing could have stopped me enjoying watching you grow into the gorgeous little tot you are now.

You’re in your second week of nursery, and you’ve taken to it far better than your big sister did at first.  You have a little cry when we leave you, but when we peer through the window you’re tucking into your breakfast.  I think you’ll settle in just fine.

You’re feeling a little sensitive as you’re cutting more teeth. I’m sure number 9 & 10 will be here soon and you’ll get a little reprieve.  You’ve caught the obligatory nursery cold too, it’s par for the course I’m afraid.  You’ll get used to the nursery germs soon.


It’s a big change for us all, but you will enjoy making new friends and playing with all the toys.  You were a little bored at home with me.  There’s lots more for you to do and explore there.  Your sister likes knowing you’re there too.  Things have to be the same you see, you’ll get that as you get older.

You are so close to walking, I can see one day you’re just going to let go of the sofa and go for it.  You’re getting stronger everyday, standing for a few seconds at a time, cruising round the furniture.

We marvel at you playing with you’re toys, fitting shapes in the right holes of the sorters and putting bricks together.  You have lots of sounds now, and can be very vocal when you want to be.  You are starting to sign too, you know how to tell us it’s ‘all gone’ and you understand a lot more.

You are eating a lot better, and you seem to be getting on with the nursery food OK.  They tell me you’re trying it any way.  You are making progress.  You don’t have any bottles or milk particularly, we just make sure you get enough calcium in yoghurts, breakfast and cheese.  I make you a cheese sandwich, and you take it apart and only eat the cheese.

Generally you are sleeping so much better too.  You didn’t wake up until 7.15am yesterday, now that’s practically unheard off.  You are a bit disturbed in the night though, but I think that’s your teeth and this rotten cold.

You so want to play with your sister more, and it will happen soon.  She can be a bit funny though, and isn’t always in the mood.  You’ll have days like that too, no doubt.

We’ll all be in the swing of our new routine soon, and as life settles down we’ll all enjoy the journey to you turning 2.



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