The awful events that took place on Friday 13th have been in and out of my thoughts all week.  France are our neighbours, and I’ve visited Paris a few times.  It’s a beautiful city, where so many people live, work and travel to.  It is unbelievable to me that a group of human beings can inflict such violence on others, taking the lives of mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, friends and colleagues.  What is that going to achieve?

Paris Eiffel Tower

We Are Familiar With Paris

My sister was in Paris only a few weekends ago snapping the Moulin Rouge and exploring the Louvre.  I spent my mini-moon there, in a chic Parisian boutique hotel only a stones throw away from Sacre Coeur.

I have a sense of familiarity with the city and it’s culture.  We have been known to have our disagreements, but the French and the Brits aren’t to dissimilar really.  We can relate to each other, even if we don’t want to admit it.  I think that’s why it’s been in the minds of so many of us.

The stories that come out of the news of how the survivors hid from their terrorist attackers, never expecting to see their family or friends again.  Watching people gunned down, killed or injured on what should have been a relaxing Friday evening on the town.  I cannot imagine the fear that they went through, hearing gunshots and explosions all around them.  It is something that no-one should experience in their lifetime.

World Suffering

It has really brought it home to me that people are suffering the whole world over, and face  gun fire and bombings on a daily basis.  That people are living in constant fear of their lives and that it all seems so senseless.  The media isn’t filled with it everyday though, and are we turning a blind eye to these senseless killings the world over?  Perhaps this approach from the media creates more hate, and the divide between the West and the rest of the world continues to widen as a result.

I have wanted to understand how other countries perceive the West in times like this, and I have a sense that they think we don’t care about the atrocities that happen in other parts of the world.  We do.  The people on the ground do.  But our politics is different, and I guess that is what really divides us.  We enjoy a free, democratic society which we are keen to protect.  It is not without it’s corruption, but our government is not corrupt or a dictatorship.  But we cannot fight every battle the world over.  Governments should protect their people and allow them to enjoy similar human rights, but this can only change from within at the end of the day.

Syrian News

I’ve searched online what the press are reporting in other parts of the world, and a Syrian News site makes for interesting reading.  Of course I am under no illusion that some news channels are controlled by their governments, but they are still reporting some interesting slants on the Middle East situation that I had not heard before.

They talk about the West not wanting to take full control of the ISIS terrorists as they want a strong enough resistance in Syria to over throw the current political regime.  The recent air strikes by France are said to have had little impact, as they targeted abandoned ISIS camps and training centres.  Were they just for show?

Are the West stuck between a rock and a hard place with the current civil conflict in Syria?  The migrant crisis is still an issue for Europe, and now we have a different slant to the problem as we believe that one of the Paris attackers was carrying a Syrian passport.  This will have an impact on the ability of genuine migrants to be able to find safe refuge in Europe and America.

America have agreed to allow 10,000 migrants resettle in the US over 12 months, but a significant number of states will refuse to co-operate with the resettlement program.  This realistically isn’t going to be a safe place for people to flea as Islamic phobia grows.

What Next?

I see a world becoming more and more divided as events unfold after the Paris Attacks, and I suspect that was part of the ISIS agenda.  In order to continue to grow they need to demonise the West, and fuel hatred amongst their followers.  They use religion as a way of controlling their army, and make promises from a ‘god’ that will never come true.

How does it stop?  I have no idea, but it feels like there are too many battles being fought at once.  When there is the migrant crisis, the Syrian civil war, and the fight against ISIS which one is more important?  President Putin is calling on Europe and America to help support the fight against ISIS.  Should we join him?  He believes that funding for ISIS activities is coming from 40 countries and some funds are coming from people living in the G20 countries. This needs to stopped to make any real ground in the battle against these acts of terrorism.

I have not reached any conclusions as I suspect there are many issues that we don’t understand and the thing that is of course important to everyone is oil.  How this factors in the political decisions of the West I have still to understand but what I do know that is it is not clear cut.  I’m not sure that air strikes are the answer, and there is something about the French response that feels very knee jerk, even though I can understand why you would do this for the people you have lost and been affected.

I suspect the answer to these issues, and to stop the Middle East descending into complete chaos is far more strategic than taking to the air and firing missiles.  All I can ask people to do that are reading this post, is to take an interest in this global issue.  ISIS are a minority of radical religious extremists, lets not forget the other 250,000 innocent people killed in Syria or those forced to flea or are displaced in their homeland.  I have faith in the British government at times like this.  I disagree with some of their home policy, but when it comes to fighting terrorists and terrorist acts, I know they will do their utmost to protect us.  It’s how they stop the spread of ISIS that will be the interesting part.


  1. This is such a great post and I totally agree that it’s so complex to even try and get to some level of understanding of all these issues. My best friend works for PA and interviewed Sir Trevor McDonald very recently. He said that the Syrian refugee crisis was the worst thing he had seen in 40 years of broadcasting and I think that really puts in perspective about how very serious things are becoming in the world. It’s not that we’re flippant about it but I sometimes try to console myself with the thought that throughout the ages in the last 100 years at least there has always been a shadow of war and fear and so this is no different. I think the reality is that it is probably very different X
    Lins @Boo & Maddie recently posted…Planning A #Bathroomfor2My Profile

  2. Unless the media print it, we don’t really know what os going on. I do feel lucky to be British though. We have rules, and the government do things that I don’t agree with, but, at least we don’t live in such a barbaric country.
    To be murdered for not believing in something that someone else does, is crazy. To be stoned or whipped for having an opinion is disgusting. These people want the world to follow their rules… And this is Never going to happen. There will be many many more lives lost because of these disillusioned people. such a shame, so unnecessary.

  3. It is a sad world we are bringing our children up in. We might complain about our government or our way of life but really at the end of the day life in the UK is not that bad. Cannot begin to imagine how I would feel if I was bringing my children up in a war torn country.
    Sadly I do not think there are any easy answers.
    Elaine Livingstone recently posted…Dreams of fast cars and space shipsMy Profile

  4. It’s almost too horrible to think about isn’t it? And it raises so many questions about what’s going on and how best to go forward. I really can’t wrap my head around the fact that people can do this to other people. It really is scary – I just hope that one day we can all live without this fear and in peace – I just wish I knew the way to get there!

  5. What happened in Paris was dreadful and people are saying we don’t care about other countries further away but Paris is our neighbour and they are just easier to relate to. The world is a horrible place nowadays.

  6. It is a sad world we live in today. I can’t say I totally trust what our government is saying and it is interesting to read the news from the point of view of other countries. I long for a simple life with none of these atrocities.
    Ali recently posted…My Sunday PhotoMy Profile

  7. I satay away from news like this. Got enough happening in my life and not willing to carry the thoughts and burden of what is happening outside my world. Might seem harsh, but guess everyone has their own way of dealing with such things.

  8. The current state of things re: the middle east vs the west is a huge, huge problem that I can’t even begin to profess to know the answers to any of it. These are very scary times.

    My thoughts are with the people of Paris.

  9. What happen in Paris was tragic there is no question about it but 1000s of innocent people die every day in different parts of the world and no one talks about them 🙁
    Was Paris on every news because it is Paris? Because it is in Europe? Why do we seem to care more when things go wrong closer to home?
    The world is messed up!
    Agata recently posted…Weekly Photo Challenge: TrioMy Profile


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