What does a baby see must be one of the most pondered questions by parents everywhere.  When all of my children were born I was fascinated by what they could see around them and how all of their senses helped them to survive.  Sight is one of the most important and precious senses to your new baby.  Sight is key to a baby’s development and it can be really useful to understand how a baby’s sight evolves, especially in those first 12 months.

What Does A Baby See?

What Does A Baby See?

I’ve always imagined the development of a baby’s sight to be a lot like the world switching on a bit at a time.  When they are born a baby can only process the world 12 or so inches away from his or her eyes.  This is just far enough to see the face of the person holding them.

Over the next 6 to 8 months the world becomes clearer and they can make out more shapes and detail from the fuzzy world that once surrounded them.  Their brain is gradually able to process more of the information the eye sends to it and this will support their emotional, physical and mental development.

One of the most memorable moments I have from all my children is the moment they can see their own hands.  It’s such an amazing discovery for them and they spend hours staring at them from every possible angle.  It’s a key moment in their development as the brain begins to coordinate the body with the eyes to help them explore the world around them.  This is the point where the baby gym really comes into it’s own and a baby will spend hours trying to bat the toys they can see above their heads.

One of the most interesting things you can let your baby look at though is your face.  This provides a huge amount of stimulation for a baby and as their sight develops they will be able to copy the facial signals you give them.  That first baby smile is just precious isn’t it, well they learnt that from you!

Vision Direct understand that the question, what does a baby see, is a pressing one for parents and how the answer can help them support their baby.  They have devised a simple to use baby sight tool to help parents understand what a baby can see in the world around them.  I’ve been using it a lot and it’s something I wish I’d of had when my children  where babies.  I would have found it a really supportive tool to help with my baby’s development.

Baby Sight

If you have been asking yourself, what does a baby see because you are about to have a baby or you already have a baby in the house this tool from Vision Direct with give you some useful insight into the stage your baby is at with their sight.  Understanding how a baby see’s the world and what may have changed for them over the first few month’s of development will help you play and interact with your baby in a insightful way.

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  1. Aww I can’t wait to watch a new little baby discover the world around them bit by bit. I always remember my sons first proper smile and was lucky enough to capture it on camera. It’s amazing how much babies learn and discover in such a short time.

  2. I think its amazing the growth and development that still needs to happen! I had a blanket on my settee that was black and white patterned and when my son was newborn he was obsessed with it x


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