Before we went to Larmer Tree Festival, Daddy insisted that we invested in a Crotec wagon folding camping trolley.  He wanted to be able to use it to move our camping equipment from the car park to our camping pitch.  Perhaps more importantly, the wanted a camping trolley we could use to pull the kids in during the festival.

As we thought a folding camping trolley would be something that we would use a good few times, we decided to buy one.  After checking the prices we decided to buy the Crotec Wagon on Amazon which looked perfect for us.

Crotec Folding Wagon Review (1)

Crotec Wagon With Shade Canopy Review

The Crotec Wagon was such a good investment and we found that a lot of people stopped and asked us about our camping trolley while we were at the festival.  Even people without children were impressed with it!  The girls loved all the attention too, and were often spotted giving a royal like wave to other festival goers as they passed by.

The Crotec Wagon is compact and lightweight, so it went in our car really easily, along with the tents and all the other stuff you need when camping with a family of four.

The other really fab feature about the Crotec Wagon is it folds out and goes down in one really easy manoeuvre.  There’s no faffing around at all, and no assembly either.  The four sturdy panels that create the bottom of the wagon did a great job of supporting the weight of all your camping equipment or the children we wanted to pull around.  Sometimes you can even fit both in, depending on the age and size of your kids of course!

Crotec Folding Wagon Review (1)

The rear basket and extra pockets on this camping trolley are great for putting all the things you need for the kids in, so we didn’t have to carry extra changing bags or supplies with us during the festival.  We could just load up everything we needed into our camping trolley and go and explore the festival for the day.

The fabric used to make this camping trolley is excellent quality also.  We’ve had this wagon nearly 3 years now and can honestly say its very durable.  We’ve not seen any rips or tears in the material despite our heavy use of this camping accessory.  The frame and wheels are also highly durable and are still working perfectly.  This is not the kind of camping trolley you see abandoned on a festival or camping site because it wasn’t up to the job of transporting heavy tents or children.

The Crotec Wagon is also really easy to manoeuvre.  As it’s a lightweight camping trolley, pulling it wasn’t difficult, even with 2 kids in it.  It turned really easily if you wanted to change direction, and the handle was a good length giving enough walking room for the person pulling it.

The only thing that camping trolley didn’t solve was the issue we have with sibling rivalry.  We’d hoped the Crotec Wagon might have been supplied with some festival magic to help our kids get along better, but this is the only area it failed in.

The poles extend easily on the Crotec Wagon and the canopy is really easy to fit to the frame.  It provides a lovely shaded area for the kids to hide from the sun on hot summer’s days.  It’s worth mentioning it isn’t waterproof but you can buy a waterproof cover for the Crotec Wagon if you are worried about being caught in the rain.  While we don’t have one of these, we have seen them in use and they fit really well to the camping trolley and appear to make the totally rain and wind proof.

We bought the Crotec Wagon ourselves, but I’ve decided to share this review as it did make our lives so much easier and so many people stopped to ask us questions about it.  We paid around £105 for it in 2016 from Amazon, and I have to admit is was money well spent.  It definitely made our camping experience with the children a lot easier. If you are interested in buying a camping trolley, I would recommend the Crotec Wagon without a doubt.

How Big is the Crotec Wagon?

I’ve been asked the dimensions for this camping trolley a lot so this is how bit it is and how much it weighs.

  • Dimensions When Open: 124.3cm L x 59.3cm W x 126.6cm
  • Dimensions When Folded: 24.5cm L x 59.3cm W x 80.9cm
  • Weight 13.5kg

The Features We Love About The Crotec Wagon

  • Sturdy steel frame and handle
  • Pouches for storing small items
  • Storage compartment to rear of trolley for larger items
  • Really compact when folded and wheels can still be used to manoeuvre the trolley
  • Great for camping, festivals and days out
  • Suitable from birth
  • Will carry 2 small children easily
  • Powder coated metal to protect from rust
  • No assembly required
  • Really easy to move
  • Really robust design – lasted us years already
  • Strong fabric
  • Accessories available

Crotec Folding Wagon Video Review

If you would like to see the Crotec Wagon in action, I also made a YouTube video sharing our experience.  Do have a watch so you can see the camping trolley at work.

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Crotec Wagon With Shade Canopy Review (1)

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