Have you heard about Carddies yet?  If you have been following our Instagram account or read our bumper post about  tips for travelling with 2+ kids you might have guessed that we are huge fans of these little boxed colouring sets already.

In the interests of full disclosure we were sent 2 sets of Carddies around Christmas time, and we found them brilliant for keeping the kids busy when we are out and about both at home or when we are travelling.  Since we were gifted these first sets, we have gone on to purchase more ourselves. We bought new sets for going to Portugal and Morocco for example.

children playing with colouring box set

The Carddies team have kindly sent us a couple of new sets and they are being kept hidden away from excited children until we head to Malta at Easter.  I have really enjoyed putting a new set in the girls travel bag for each trip and they have literally saved the day so many times.

What are Carddies Colouring Boxed Sets?

So what are Carddies?

Well they are a wonderful creative colouring toy that is small enough to take practically everywhere with you and your kids.  There are 16 box sets with different themes including everything from family, fairies to pirates and farm life.

Carddies Family Colouring Playset

Each hand drawn box contains 12 different double sided cardboard characters, a set of pencils, 12 stands and a scene.  The cardboard used is great quality both for colouring and for playing with.  Each character and the scene included in the set is hand drawn, which gives them bags of character to be honest.  Everything is kept together in the handy cardboard box which will fit easily into a rucksack or handbag.

So why are Carddies so great?

Well our children just love them and they will colour and play with them for ages.  I use them when we are travelling and especially when we are visiting cafes or restaurants, or at any point when they might get a little bored and mischievous.

two girls playing with Carddies travel play set on holiday

When we are eating out, the girls always finish before we do, it’s pretty much a given.  If they don’t have anything to occupy them they can soon start to annoy each other, and everyone starts to become stressed.  We don’t like to give them tablets in restaurants, that’s just our thing.  They do have screen time, but we have avoided using tablets especially when we are eating out.

As soon as we feel the kids get a little out of control, I reach for the Carddies that I carry in my bag all the time, and the mood changes instantly.  The change from being mischievous little monkey’s into creative engaged kids who immediately start colouring or role playing with their colouring set is pretty incredible to watch.

We love that Carddies keep them busy without killing the interaction or creativity between them and they have created all kinds of games together with their sets.  They can enjoy playing together, without falling out, while we finish our meal or do whatever boring adult task we have to get out of the way, and then the Carddies get all neatly packed away until the next time.

child colouring Carddies play set

You might also love to hear that Carddies are made by two sisters, so this is a small family run business which I really hope you will love to support.  The sets are designed and made in the UK too, which I also love.  I reached out to the business owners, Raquel and Esther as I was keen to work with them again.  I wanted to help them spread the message about Carddies because we love them so much.

They have saved us from so many stressful situations and sibling fights since we’ve been using them as one of our go to travel toys.  In case you aren’t aware, my daughters are aged 4 and 6, Indie is nearly 7 and Brook will be 5 in the summer.  The Carddies sets are recommended from age 3+, but if your child loves colouring they will love Carddies.

Carddies Giveaway

Raquel and Esther very kindly agreed to offer Zena’s Suitcase readers the chance to win 1 of 5 Carddies colouring sets.  I’m so excited about this as I know the 5 winners are going to love Carddies and share the same joy that we have using them.  Each winner will get the chance to pick their favourite set for their prize, which is also very exciting.

All you need to do to win one of these lovely Carddies sets is to enter via the rafflecopter below.  If you could give your support to Carddies social media pages they would really appreciate it and it will increase your chances of winning.  Competition ends 15th April 2019.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you can’t wait to see if you win a set of Carddies in the giveaway, then I have another treat for you.  If you visit the Carddies store on Amazon and enter the voucher code LOVECARD at the check out after you’ve picked your favourite set you will receive a discount of 5% on one box, 10% on two or 15% on three boxes!  It’s certainly worth getting stocked up don’t you think!

The giveaway prizes have been provided by Carddies in exchange for this post, but all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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  1. My granddaughter would love the Cardies Fairies set, she loves the colour pink and purple, typical girlie!

  2. These look great, I would probably start off with the family box and then buy others after that, it looks like something I’d buy for children when travelling or to keep them occupied at a wedding or similar event

  3. What a wonderful and creative solution for loose pencils and artwork. All sets lovely but I would choose the CARDDIES FAIRIES CARD PEOPLE for our youngest.

  4. I think i would pick the knights card people colour are playset for my niece and nephew to enjoy together.

  5. The fairies one as my daughter loves arts crafts colouring etc always wanting to be busy

  6. I would love to win one of the sets so I could give it to the little girl who lives next door. She is a bright, lovely child who brings light into my life.

  7. Flynn would LOVE the Carddies pirates set as he is a BIG colouring fan and these would be great to keep all in one place when we are on the move, thank you x

  8. These are dighlighful with some many choices i like the family peope but I think my twins boy and girl would like the faries set too.

  9. I would like the Farm Carddies set for my grandson when he is travelling the weekly changeover between mummy and daddy.

  10. I’d like the knights one and I think I’d give it to my nephew as he is always practicing jousting and loves knights

  11. I would choose the farm set and would be for my little girl. She loves animals and anything to do with colouring or crafts. Thank you for the chance.

  12. I’d love to win the Pirates set for Piper. She loves to colour but we often run out of ideas for what she can draw and colour

  13. My great-niece Mylah would love the BALLET CARD PEOPLE as she did ballet from since she was old enough to go to Baby Ballet and still goes now.

  14. I would love to win the Carddies Fairies Set for my Granddaughter as she is mad about fairies. x

  15. I would choose the Farm Card People and I know that my grandson would love it if I gave it to him,

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