There is nothing more disruptive than having an issue with your car while on a long journey.  It can be even more distressing if you are travelling with children.  Even on short car journeys car problems can be very disruptive.  Being held up on the trip to work or an important appointment can be very stressful for anyone.

Most motorists think about their fuel level and engine checks before heading on a road trip. Some important car safety checks get missed though, and this can lead to lots of unexpected problems on the road.

Unfortunately it’s not just the petrol or engine problems that cause car breakdowns.  If you overlook taking time to check on your tyres this can cause unexpected car trouble too. If you plan on driving around Wakefield or nearby a location for example you need to know that your car has been properly checked not just for fuel or engine issues but also for proper tyre maintenance.

Check Wheel Balancing

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t always check my tyres, and this causes heaps of frustration between myself and my husband.  I didn’t even realise that wheel balancing was a thing until he mentioned it!  Wheels that are well balanced will help you experience a smooth drive which can make a huge difference to not only your experience but your safety on the road.

If the wheels of your car are unbalanced there are higher chances that you might lose control of your vehicle while on a drive. Not only this, if your wheels are not correctly balanced it can cause a disturbing wobbling sound in wheels and a unusual vibration in the steering which can effect your overall driving experience. Therefore, it is always a sensible idea to check the alignment of your car wheels before taking your vehicle on a drive if you are noting any of these issues with your car.

Tyre Quality

When you are buying new tyres for your vehicle, it’s not only important to make sure that they fit but it’s also worth paying attention to the quality and the brand you are purchasing. Spending a little extra money on good quality tyres can make a huge difference to your driving experience and car safety. You can also buy tyres in Wakefield by visiting Ossett Tyre House Today (01924271081). Once you buy the proper tyres it will help you have a smooth driving experience and your tyres will last longer.

Wash Tyres

Every once in a while it is worth washing off your tyres to get rid of dirt and damaging particles attached to them. Cleaning the tyres can also help in cooling down the tyre temperature if they are exposed to constant sunlight. You can use antibacterial detergents and clean water to wash away the dust and other filth particles attached to them. This will help prolong the life of your tyres.  It can also help maintain tyre performance while you are on long car journeys.

If you rely on your car for long journeys or important trips, having regular tyre checks is as important as keeping fuel levels topped up or checking your oil.  Do you check your car tyres regularly?

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