Thanks to The Ana Mum Diary I was lucky enough to win a pair of tickets to the ‘Discover a World of Beauty’ event at John Lewis here in Nottingham.  I was definitely in need of a treat as I’ve been suffering this week with the aches and pains of pregnancy so I must give a huge thanks to Amanda Cottingham for hosting this giveaway.  I hope you have more planned in the future 😉


With a complimentary glass of fizz (or two!) or orange juice for us that are tee total at the moment, the serenity of Harp music filling the air and a wonderful goodie bag this event is definitely worth a visit.


I was really interested on finding something new, and giving my skin a real treat.  With disturbed sleep, the weathering of winter and central heating my skin has been feeling a little tired recently.  At the event I found the perfect range of products at Origins to give my skin the natural boost it needed.  I’m officially a new fan!


The wonderful Origins representative treated me to a cleansing and revitalizing  facial after a short consultation .  Each product she demonstrated felt great on the skin and smelt gorgeous.  The Checks and Balances face wash is gentle but effective leaving the skin clean and refreshed.  I was surprised at how soft it felt.


I’m not normally a fan of toner and tend to skip this in my daily skin care routine.  I was pleasantly surprised by A Perfect World Age Defense Treatment Lotion.  My skin felt refreshed and hydrated.  It’s also alcohol free so it doesn’t have that drying feeling that some products have.  It’s a real pleasure to use.  It felt so fresh and different to anything I’d used before I had to buy some.


I was also impressed with the Drink Up Intensive Over Night Mask.  I could quite literally feel the nourishment sinking into my skin.  The difference it’s made in one use is amazing!  The range of products that Origin offers is fantastic, covering all the possible combinations of age, tone and oiliness.  Their concept is natural, scientific and ethical at the same time which really appeals to me.


I’m not normally bowled over when it comes to skincare, but these products have made a significant difference to the look and feel of my skin.  After a brisk walk in a cold breeze my skin felt as soft as it did when I first left the house.  I have a few other products on my recommended list that made an impression so I’ve I know what I’ll be asking for Mother’s Day.  I can definitely recommend giving this range a try.


I purchased  A Perfect World Age Defense Treatment Lotion, Drink Up Intensive Over Night Mask, Modern Friction after experiencing these wonderful products.  I was also given a small set of samples to take away with me.


  1. Looks like you had fun 🙂 I would like to gift origins product to my mom she would love it…is it available in India?


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