I’ve been to Stonebridge City Farm today!  I love going to see all the animals there.  It’s really near our house, so I’m not  in the car seat too long, I don’t like the car seat much.  There are lot’s of houses near the farm. Mummy say’s it’s because it’s in the city.  My Mummy said she used to bring my big brother here when he was little. He’s nearly as tall as a house so it’s been here a very long time.


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Today there was lot’s to see in the pond.  It looked like it was filled with bubbles, but Mummy said it was frogspawn.  Mummy said it’s a good time of year to see the eggs.  We got to see lots of frogs too.  I like frogs.  Ribbit Ribbit!


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There’s a little shop at the farm and a cafe too.  Lot’s of people come to help out so the farm can stay open.  Mummy always buys me a bag of food so I can feed my favourite animals.  All the children that visit the farm like feeding the animals.  Mummy says everyone gets to visit the farm for free, but they are a charity so she leaves some money in the donation boxes to help them out.  I fed the sheep and the ducks today.  I could touch the sheep’s nose, but Daddy was worried he might eat my fingers.  I wasn’t in the slightest bit scared though.  I think it’s because I see the animals a lot.


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Some of the animals were too busy laying in the sun for me to feed them.  They seemed very happy though.  I still like to see them all.  Mummy and I know all the animal signs and noises and we play a game as we go round remembering them all.


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The gardens looked really different today.  Lots of things were starting to grow, it looked really pretty.  I loved seeing the flowers.  Mummy said we’ll be able to buy vegetables there soon.  They have lots of green houses.  Mummy said when everything has had more sunshine and rain, the plants will be even bigger next time we go.


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Before it’s time to go home, I get to play on the slide.  Did I ever tell you I liked the slide.  This one is really good as I can climb up all by myself.  Mummy and Daddy can have a sit down while I run around.  Mummy’s legs get tired now the baby is getting bigger.


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I think it would be lovely if lots of people came to visit Stonebridge City Farm.  There’s lots to see.  There’s even rabbits and guinea pigs, but they were getting cleaned out when we visited.  Mummy said this was a very important job, and we would be able to see them next time.



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My Mummy said it was good to write this post as this is a community project that we like to support.  We all love going there, and I think you would like it too if you were coming here to Nottingham.  Everyone I see there has such a good time, and it really isn’t very much money, even if there is a lot of you and you all want a cup of tea in the cafe.



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  1. These community projects are great and need all the support they can get! Such a great place for children to learn about animals and learn about how fruit and veg is grown and buy some to support them too. Thanks for linking up and sharing your fun with Country Kids.

  2. Looks like a lovely fun day out together. It’s always good to see and feed animals.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  3. I am glad she enjoyed it! We had once taken my 27 months old to a farm here in Dubai. He loved watching domestic animals roaming around him and feeding them. He also loved holding a rabbit which surprised me. I am definitely taking him back there before it gets too hot. It’s so incredible to watch children bond with the nature.


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