Ella’s Kitchen are one of our favourite brands of children’s snacks.  My children need refuelling mid morning and in the afternoon, and I try my best to keep their snacks varied, healthy and interesting.  When Ella’s Kitchen got in touch to say they had a new range, especially for bigger kids, we had to give them a try.  With the promise of becoming a superhero too, we really couldn’t say no.

superhero cape

Our new Ella’s Kitchen snack range arrived along with a kit to make our very own superhero cape.  Princess loves making things, so this was right up her street.  We waited for a quite hour without her little sister and we got to work on our very own special cape.

We talked about what superpower she would like, and Mummy had to provide a quick definition of the concept of a superpower before we could get started.  The idea of flying seemed to go down well, so we went with that to avoid any superpower confusion.

ellas kitchen superhero snacksAll flying superhero’s need superhero snacks right?  Well that’s where Ella’s Kitchen come in and the big winner was the new fruity bars.  The snack range are aimed at 3-5 year olds, and Princess is 3 1/2.

The new flavours are amazing.  They include banana & raisin, pineapple & coconut and raspberry & mango.  As well as oats, these tasty little treats are also packed with crisped rice and flaxseeds, so they are super nutritious.

ellas kitchen snack bars

My daughter really enjoyed all these flavours, and they were perfect for after a busy morning of activities like swimming or play group, but they are a little on the small side so she would have some grapes or fruit with it.

I did try offering her the new fruit and vegetable smooshy snacks that Ella’s Kitchen sent, but these really didn’t go down very well.  My 3 year old has hit the point where she is very aware of babies and being a ‘big girl’, and she said the fruit snacks were like baby food.  So, I tried them on her little sister instead.

Ellas Kitchen SnacksThey were much better received by her 1 year old sister, who enjoyed being able to suck them out of the pouch herself.  The Ella’s Kitchen mango and pumpkin snack was the biggest hit with her but there was definitely no convincing her big sister to give them a try.

If you have a child that is a little fussy about their fruit and vegetables, I would give these a go.  I think the 1 year enjoyed them because she had been a bit poorly and off her food, and these were nice and easy for her to eat.

These haven’t been our favourite Ella’s Kitchen snacks unfortunately, but we have had an amazing time playing superhero’s.  We wish the snack bars had of been a little bigger, and maybe the packaging needs a bit of a rethink for the smooshy snacks, to make it different from the pouches that baby’s have with Ella’s Kitchen meals.


  1. Oh I didn’t know there was a new range, this sounds great for my little one…the pumpkin especially as I love to go seasonal with snacks and such! Looks like your little one really got stuck in to the challenge 🙂 x

  2. My one year old niece loves this range of food. Have you tried the pineapple loops yet? Mixing craft time and snack time sounds like a great idea.


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