When your thinking about what to buy for your Mum, sister, friend or even girlfriend I know it can be a complete minefield.  We struggle with gift ideas for our own children let alone when it comes to buying for anyone one else who we know.  I was recently introduced to a gorgeous online shop called Amara who stock an amazing range of luxury lifestyle and gift items for a whole manor of occasions that could solve all our gift buying problems.

A good place to start when you are buying a present for someone is to think about their lifestyle and what they enjoy doing.  If they love to travel there are lots of gift ideas for women that will be very well received.  Amara were kind enough to send me a few items from their website for my birthday recently and I was literally over the moon with their ideas.  They did a better job than my husband even!

Gift Inspiration For Women Who Love To Travel

I was in desperate need of a travel document holder and this one from Ted Baker has ticked so many boxes for me.  There’s enough room for my passport and tickets and it also come with a handy pen.  I always find I’m looking for a pen when I’m travelling to make notes or lists for blog posts, and now I have one close at hand.

travel document holder

My favourite item is this Radley Rose Gold Great Outdoors bracelet watch.  Keeping track of time is an important element of most trips, and having a pretty watch is the perfect way to keep on schedule.  It is also a lovely piece that you can wear into the evening when out to dinner or enjoying a show.

radley watch

A scarf is probably one of the most practical gift ideas for women who like to travel.  I always pack a pretty scarf in my luggage and I’m delighted to add this Carnival scarf from Joules to my collection.  A scarf is the perfect accessory to lift any outfit or take the chill of the evening when the sun has gone down.  They are easy to pack and don’t take up much room in a suitcase or bag either.


There are lots more ideas on the Amara website to inspire your gift buying and I’ve picked out a few more of my favourite ideas down below.  Amara has an amazing collection of brands and gifts to choose from so if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for here, then do make sure you pop over to their website for a browse.  I think you might be there a while!

More Gift Ideas from Amara

collection of gift ideas Gift Ideas For Women Who Love Travel

You can find these items here:

  1. Striped Canvas Tote Bag from GANT
  2. Great Outdoors Bracelet Watch from Radley
  3. Jackie Jewel Stack Ring from Ted Baker
  4. Everyday Canvas Tote Bag from Joules
  5. Nude Citrus Bloom ‘Jet Set Go’ Travel Set from Ted Baker
  6. Travel Lifestyle Organiser from Ted Baker
  7. Tourer Bright Cross Body Bag from Joules 

Amara Travel Gift Giveaway

The lovely people at Amara have not only sent me a gorgeous bundle of presents to keep me organised and looking great on my travels, but they are also giving a Zena’s Suitcase reader the chance to win the same  luxury gift set.  I’m so excited to be able to offer the beautiful Radley Great Outdoors Bracelet Watch, Ted Baker Travel Document Holder and the Joules Carnival Scarf as a prize in this latest luxury travel giveaway.

Watch, scarf and document holder

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning this lovely set of travel goodies, all you need to do is enter via the rafflecopter below.  You can also unlock bonus entries to increase your chances of winning this lovely prize.  Best of luck to all of you who take the time to enter and thanks so much for stopping by my blog.  Competition closes 5/7/17.  Other T & C’s apply.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Feeling lucky?  Why not enter another giveaway here.

I was provided with the items discussed in this post by Amara. 

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  1. I would love to win because the prizes are so lovely and not the kind of thing I would buy for myself but would still love to have!

  2. I’d love to win as us Mums are often sorting the kids out with school/play dates/activities – a treat for me would be really lovely thank you!

  3. because the prizes look so cool!! and some of the bits will come in handy when i go on my honeymoon!!

  4. i’d love to win to make me look like a seasoned traveller when really i’m at the beginning of my Travel Journey!

  5. I would love to win this for my daughter who is our little travel bug! She just loves to travel and this would be perfect for her! Thank you for the chance x

  6. Perfect accessories to take on ALL my trips whether abroad or at home
    They are so beautiful

  7. We travel do much I’m in need of new accessories! I’d love to have these for our next trip away, especially with a newborn! These would make me feel glam again

  8. Id love to win because it would be lovely to own some stylish things that im not ashamed to be seen wearing not like the ones i own now

  9. You would not believe the brownie points i would get if i won this for my girlfriend. And to see her face light up would be amazing,as i cant afford to treat her often,as most of my money goes on my care. I am so lucky to have her tbh jjx

  10. I need a watch. Haven’t had a reliable and attractive one for years – since the days of the old Swatches! This Radley one is gorgeous. Ditto the scarf – the colours are almost edible, and the summery T.B organiser. What a fabulous collection you have put together ?

  11. I would love to win these beautiful prizes.As a fan of Radley,I love the watch and I don’t have a watch at the moment.I wear scarves and the document holder will be perfect when I go on my next cruise.

  12. I would love to win so I could share the prizes with my Mum 🙂 We both deserve a treat 🙂

  13. I would love to win these prizes as I have just got a new job that involves a lot of travel so they would come in handy and I just love Radley watches.

  14. Fantastic giveaway and just right to take with you on any trip, everything a lady needs

  15. It would be a lovely treat to win these gorgeous accessories. It would also be nice to hear some good news for a change !

  16. It’d be nice to travel in style for a change instead of wearing accessories like baby sick and food stains! These prizes would definitely help that!

  17. After recently giving birth to our third child, my wife needs something to make her feel a little bit glamorous again

  18. I’d love to win as these are really lovely luxury items that I would never buy for myself but would love to own

  19. It’s a lovely set of travel goodies which I would be thrilled to win as I couldn’t justify buying them.

  20. these are fantastic prizes and i would love to be able to spoil myself and use them on my hols

  21. I’d be delighted to win, i travel lot to visit family , would be a real treat ,sometimes need a treat , i travel with a 20 month old eek xx

  22. They are lovely prizes which I would feel a bit bad buying just for me, but to win would be great!

  23. I’d love to win because I really like the selection and I would certainly use them for my frequent travels

  24. I’d love to win because it is such a lovely selection. The watch is especially gorgeous and I love the print on the travel wallet- I’d probably find an everyday use for it as I wouldn’t want to only get it out while travelling.

  25. It really is a gorgeous set of prizes. There’s nothing better when you are going away somewhere nice than taking some fresh new things with you to use for the first time and you always create special memories attached to them with the first place you used them. x

  26. I would love to win this wonderful prize as it is all so lovely and items that I would use frequently if not everyday

  27. I love radley (I have a few of their bags), and this would be great for my holiday this year!

  28. I’d love to win so that I could look super stylish when I go on my holidays instead of a frumpy mummy

  29. I am going on holiday soon, and it would be amazing to use all of these fantastic goodies. I would feel so spoilt x

  30. That travel document holder is gorgeous! I bought a similar but plain brown leather one for my boyfriend last year and now I’m starting to get jealous, may have to buy one for myself!

  31. It’s stunning! It would be nice to have a ‘posh watch’ and some fancy girly bits – I would feel all feminine and special – thank you for the chance x

  32. I would love to win these because I never treat myself to anything, I always feel to guilty to spend money on something for myself.

  33. This prize contains everything I love so putting this with my next love which is travel makes a fantastic prize.

  34. To travel with such gorgeous gifts would turn the experience into something sublime

  35. Since retiring I travel a lot, particularly to Asia and always do an escorted tour. Everything above is perfect for such a trip but the one essential to add for me would be a travel journal to write a daily diary, add photos, tickets and any other momentos of each place visited. The family love these records of my trips and of course it means I don’t forget anything!

  36. I would love to win this prize – its the best one yet! But i would gift 1 & 5 to my mum as its her birthday coming up soon <3

  37. I would love to win this lovely prize, because it looks prefect for taking on my next holiday with me, thanks.

  38. I’d love to win because they’d make lovely treats for myself and for my mum, she’s a massive radley fan so the watch would definitely be gifted to her 🙂

  39. I would like to win so I can give this prize to my girlfriend. Thankyou for the competition x

  40. I’d like to win because this is a gorgeous bundle and I simply cannot resist gorgeous stuff!

  41. I’d love to win because these are beautiful pieces which I wouldn’t normally be able to afford! Love the rose gold watch, and the scarf is so versatile.

  42. I travel a lot on different cruise ships teaching ukulele. A good watch is essential and they are all brands to trust

  43. I’d love to win as haven’t had a break since 2009. I’m currently housebound but am hopeful i will be well enough to travel within the next year & this prize would help motivate me & if i don’t get well enough…the watch would be wonderful as i don’t have one

  44. I’m a total watch addict, so I’d love to win the watch especially, but I also love Joules and need a grown-up passport cover…….mine’s got teddy bears on!

  45. It would be lovely to win so I can wear the watch to work and the scarf to accessorise my outfits at work as well as on my UK break this year and I would use the passport holder when I go abroad next year.

  46. Id love to win for my daughter when she goes on her holidays it’s her 30th birthday in July she would love this so pretty

  47. I’m looking at going travelling at the end of the year so these would be beautiful to top it all off!

  48. It’s the perfect set to go on a holiday with, the watch is gorgeous & the other items look really beautiful.

  49. I’d find all that tedious waiting around at airports so much pleasanter if I had some lovely accessories like these to enjoy

  50. I would love to win this prize as I love to travel and this would be a real treat for me! I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed!

  51. I’d like to win this because I am planning to travel around Europe and I think this would fit the style of the continent very well eg. Italy and Spain

  52. I would love to win this because I could do with a bit of glamour in my wardrobe and I never seem to buy it for myself.

  53. I would love to win because they are just gorgeous and Radley is one of my fav brands 🙂

  54. Oh what lovely prizes, I especially love the scarf – perfect for a summer holiday wardrobe 🙂

  55. I would love to win as they are all such gorgeous prizes ! But for me the Radley watch definitely is the one thing that would make my day the reason being my mum has yearned for a radley watch for ages and to win this and give it to her would be fantastic

  56. I’m usually the one running around making sure everything is packed for everyone else. It would be lovely to spoil myself with these luxurious travel treats! ☺

  57. I would love to win this fab bundle because i absolutely love the brands included x

  58. we’re off to Tennessee in September to celebrate my sons 21st birthday. Id love to use these lovely items there

  59. I would love to win these for my trip to New York City this fall. They are beautiful items.

  60. Such beautiful prizes. I spend all my time spoiling others especially my son. That I often forget about myself ( not that I mind ). But a treat for myself would be lovely!

  61. I could do with a treat!!!! But then so could my mum…… if we were lucky I think we’d have to draw Lotts!!!!

  62. Id love to win these for my holiday this summer, planning a short break with my mum somewhere nice 🙂

  63. Because I would love to own such lovely things! Radley, Ted Baker and Joules are out of my price range so I would never treat myself to things like these – plus I would share with my mum (who kindly lets me borrow her Michael Kors watch lol)

  64. I love spoiling myself and my family and friends, so I’d love to win to feel good xx

  65. I’d really love to win so I can keep track of my travel documents and find them easily at the airport and look stylish at the same time – would also love a new watch, mine is black and functional, would really love this Radley timepiece!

  66. I personally would love to win this prize because the stuff your giving away are really good products and it would be great for my travels too.

  67. My sister is coming over to the UK from Australia this Summer, we intend to go travelling so I would love this prize as a treat for her.

  68. I am travelling up to Devon in October for my eldest son’s wedding and staying for a few days and would love a new bag and i don’t actually have a watch so this would be very useful aswell as stylish.

  69. im going on holiday in september for the first time in 11 years so this would be the perfect prize

  70. Modern and stylish – I’d proudly display when going away on holiday, just awaiting compliments 🙂

  71. I would love to win this to give to my wife as a gift for our weekend in Italy later this year.

  72. I’d love to win as I very rarely treat myself and we’re off to Fuerteventura soon 🙂 Yay!

  73. It’s such a lovely prize, just the thing to make me smile after a rough few months. I’d love to win and promise I’ve been a good girl all year (… well, so far anyway). 😉

  74. Being mum at home I never, ever, ever treat myself as I simply, can’t justify it to myself as I don’t work. We are going on a holiday (for all the family to enjoy so it’s OK :)) in July and, would I like to look glamorous while walking on the streets of Florence?!! Well, yes I definitely would :). Yes, please

  75. Gorgeous giveaway here! I’m 19 wks pregnant and feeling frumpy, this would cheer me up!

  76. I don’t have a passport holder, this one looks gorgeous and the scarf would complement any outfit, I would love to win these for my holiday, fingers crossed

  77. The prizes are absolutely lovely, and it be great to have a little bit of luxury and to be able to share this with my mum.

  78. The items are really beautiful, I really love the scarf and the document holder is great, so useful and so pretty! The watch would keep me on time for my travel arrangements too!

  79. These are such lovely items, perfect for travel. I especially love that watch – it’s beautiful 🙂

  80. I would LOVE to win the watch so I won’t be late to start my Holibobs
    I would LOVE to win The Document holder to make sure My passport doen’t get lost
    I would LOVE to win the scarf, to add some class as I go
    In fact I LOVE the whole travel set. Indeed, I LOVE it SO xx

  81. It’s very rare I get to treat myself to pretty feminine things. I usually make do with whatever, so this would be lovely to have something lovely just for me.

  82. Its a great bundle of treats, stylish, and practical
    I would so enjoy using and wearing each one.
    Thank you for chance to win.

  83. I would love to win this prize for my holidays because I’ve spent all my money on stuff for the kids and always feel quilty spending money on myself x

  84. Well I would love to win this prize as I have never owned anything by Ted Baker or Radley in my life, and I am 56!

  85. I’d love to win as I’ll be going on my first cruise soon, these would help me look great for my trip!

  86. I’d love to win because the items included are fabulous, perfect for anyone heading on their travels!

  87. I love to travel, my partner and I choose a different holiday destination/s every year and I’d love to travel in style!

  88. I’d love to win this amazing prize so I can give my look a summer spruce up! Such feminine items, love love love the ‘jetset’ look

  89. I’d like to win as the prizes are from some of my favourite brands but sadly not within my budget 🙂

  90. These prizes are gorgeous! Especially loving the watch. Would be such a lovely treat 🙂

  91. The accessories are beautiful and it is my birthday next month so it would be a fab early birthday present 🙂

  92. Stay at home mum so would love to treat myself to some lovely goodies for first abroad trip away as a family

  93. Id love to win as the Radley watch is gorgeous and the travel document holder will be great for when I go on holiday in September

  94. These are the kin of prizes that most women dream of having but then end up spending the money on cereal and sliced bread.

  95. I would love to win these as I’m constantly saving to travel and buy a home, so I would love a little treat to take with me on my travels

  96. Because I also like to travel and you have chosen some beautiful travelling staples! That watch is so cute!

  97. I’m off to NYC later this year with a friend – my first holiday without my family. I’m a bit anxious, but think having these lovely things would make me feel confident x

  98. They are such gorgeous items who wouldnt want to win them 🙂 especially love the travel organiser from Ted Baker its stunning!!

  99. I would love to win this luxurious, feminine set for our family holidays. It seems that every time I save up for something for myself the kids need new shoes, the car needs to go in the garage, school needs money for trip, etc.

  100. I would love to win this prize because I will be going on holiday later this year and would be so useful

  101. I would love to win because the prizes are fabulous!!!! I love the colour of all 3 items and would feel super glam wearing/carrying them xx

  102. They are gorgeous, I love them all, I would love them for my holidays and days at home too

  103. We travel a lot due to my husband’s work and before our lovely daughter was born I would love to travel in style. Understandably and happily this changed as everything revolved around our daughter’s needs and practicality. As she grew up I would happily spend on her travel accessories etc and stick to the same bag and same accessories for me during all our travels. Would be such a nice luxury treat to win these lovely items. Many thanks running this giveaway.

  104. Would love to own the Radley watch and my daughter would appreciate all the other items

  105. Because the items are all gorgeous and would love a treat as I’m turning 30 soon

  106. I would like to win in order to make a gift of them to my Mum – the watch is particularly nice.

  107. I’m going on my first ever voyage with Cunard (QM2 to New York) so these goodies would really help me look and feel the part!

  108. I’ve had to save for so long to go on holiday would love some gorgeous bits to take with me and help me be a bit more organised 🙂

  109. I’d give this to my partners mum, she never buys herself anything and the rose gold watch would absolutely thrill her to bits!

  110. I’d love to win so I could treat my best friend who has had a bit of a rough time lately. Just to let her know that I think she is awesome and that I am really proud of her.

  111. I would love to win to keep organised and stylish on my next trip – thank you for the giveaway 🙂

  112. Lovely items – thing I’d always want to get but never get around to it or feel that I really need so don’t treat myself.

  113. Oh wow who wouldn’t love to win these prizes. Winning some items to treat myself would be amazing. I love all of these. Especially the watch :-). Thank you for the chance

  114. I’m feeling just a tad sorry for myself, it seems all work and no play…all 3 boys are still financially dependent on me and my partner is out of work….so it seems all work and no treats !!!!

  115. I travel quite a bit because I have a son living in the USA and this beautiful set would be fantastic for my travels!

  116. OMG ? wooooow I would be absolutely over the moon if I

    were your lucky winner ❤️?❤️❤️?

    #Thanks4TheChanceToWin ?

  117. So i can look fabulous and stylish whilst I travel (plus there all very practical too!)

  118. Because I’m going to my dad’s for a week in the summer and I never buy myself things as my money goes on my children, this would be a nice treat

  119. I’m going abroad this summer for the first time with my two kids and it’ll be nice to feel glam with a toddler and baby in tow!!

  120. What an absolutely lovely bundle!! I would be over the moon to win this! Good luck to everyone and this is wonderful prize <3

  121. I’d love to win as everyone likes a little bit of luxury in their lives every now and then.

  122. Some beautiful items. I’d love to treat my girlfriend Sarah ahead of our holiday to Menorca over her birthday.

  123. These fab items would definitely get me out of frumpy mummy mode ! My son is two soon and I have been trying so hard to find myself again and make more effort . It’s my birthday on the 12th so would be a lush treat xx

  124. Perfect for my daughter who will be celebrating her 30th birthday while on holiday to Cyprus so I can gift them to her before she goes…x

  125. there are some beautiful things and I would love to show them off while im out and about

  126. Beautiful giveaway!!! I’m off on my first family holiday since I had my little boy and these would make perfect accessories to any outfit!!! xx

  127. I would love to win this trio of wonderful goodies because id love to turn up at the airport looking glam instead of frazzled and stressed….well at least if im still stressed i’ll look like ive got my life together in these lovely bits!

  128. first off I adore Radley! – second I have a nice little romantic mini break trip planned with my hubby for our wedding anniversary this year and I simply need all these fabulous travel items! 😀

  129. would love to win this great prize for my daughter, she travels a lot and these are things I would love to be able to buy for her but could not afford

  130. I would love to win because this would be perfect for my holiday this summer, the Ted Baker travel wallet is absolutely adorable with the gold bow.

  131. We are going on holiday soon and I barely have anything nice. All these are so lovely, would really like to win 🙂

  132. I would love to win because they are all gorgeous and it’s my birthday this week!

  133. I love to travel and these would be so useful for me
    A Happy stylish traveler I would be
    All three are so pretty and fun
    Lovely to take on my holiday in the Sun

  134. I would love to win because I am going on a South African cruise/safari in January and need the travel wallet to keep me organised, the scarf to either protect my neck from the sun or stop the early morning/late evening chill and the rest just to look glam on board the cruise ship.

  135. I would love to win these beautiful items because I think I deserve a nice treat to cheer me up! And I would love to take them all to lanzarote with me next time I go!

  136. I would love to win this for my mum as she is a huge radley fan and she’d be so made up with the watch!

  137. I would love to win as I love all of those brands and the products are absolutely beautiful.

  138. I discovered Amara a year or two ago and absolutely love their stuff. I keep waiting for the prosperity fairy to wave her magic wand so I can have a little shopping spree.

  139. I would love to win because these are gorgeous, functional and stylish gifts! Also, I’m in need on a new watch and I LOVE this one!

  140. I would love to win , I think this would be my dream win, so many pretty feminine and gorgeous items and all for me lol

  141. The prize is so chic to add style to all those summer outfits. I love rose gold too 🙂

  142. I’d love to win this and feel properly pampered. My kids and partner are lovely but they would never think of getting me any of these items x

  143. I travel a lot now for work and these would make me feel more like a chic citizen of the world than economy-class slummy mummy off-duty! 🙂

  144. Going on my first family holiday so the cover would be perfect for that. I currently don’t have a watch so would love the Radley one.

  145. Such a gorgeous selection. I don’t get to treat myself much with two young kids so this would be fab

  146. I would love to win this for my holidays. I absolutely love the watch. It would be lovely to have a treat. Thanks for the chance.

  147. I would love to win these because I always seem to get stuff for the kids but rarely treat myself, I’m due baby number 3 in 2 days and we are off on holiday in September so they would be much appreciated x

  148. such gorgeous items, I love the Joules carnival scarf, this would be perfect for my upcoming holiday

  149. Love the little Dog design on the Radley watch and the colour, I adore Joules scarves I have about six as they are great quality, I don’t have a document holder and this looks so pretty

  150. We have family in several different countries and visit as often as we possibly can, I’d love to win to have something special for me X

  151. I would love to win this just as a treat for myself – to give myself something a little special for once 🙂

  152. I would love to win this this incredibly gorgeous bundle for my Daughter Lauren who is 21 this year. Really would make the perfect 21st birthday gift <3 x x

  153. I would love to win this as it would help me to be more organised when going on holiday, and also to look more stylish at the same time.

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