Tips to Keep Your Valuables Safe When Travelling is a collaborative post.  

One of the most frustrating parts of traveling is the impending fear of losing something valuable while in transit. It’s one of the things I’m most anxious when I’m travelling if I’m honest.  Often, being in between locations can be such a hectic experience that you may forget something important. If you have kids to organise as well it’s easy to miss something when packing your suitcase.

In addition to this, you always want to avoid a situation where someone could steal things from you. I’ve compiled a couple tips to help you keep your valuables safe during any travel.  These tips have helped me keep hold of my belongings and stopped me feeling so anxious about losing something on a trip.

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Sometimes the easiest solution is to just purchase better security for yourself. Different items like a smart wallet or a hidden money belt can make a world of difference when you are trying to keep track of all your valuables at once. These sorts of travel solutions help not only to locate a possible stolen item, but also by helping you not misplace it while you are travelling or exploring new locations.  It’s so easy to get distracted either when visiting new places or keeping the kids in check, having more secure travel accessories is a must for any travel mum. 

1. Keep your Valuables on Your Person

One of the easiest ways to secure the personal items that you do not want stolen is to simply keep it on yourself. By not setting down your wallet or phone at a busy area you are already removing temptation from anyone who may be scouting easy targets. Additionally, it is much easier to protect something when you are aware of where it is at all times.

This tip is also helpful if you are a bit forgetful like me. By consciously keeping all your important valuables on you at all times you will find yourself keeping better track of those things you tend to forget. When you stand up to leave or go anywhere just run though a quick mental checklist and make sure you are still holding all the important things you need.  I’m in such a habit of doing this now, it’s something I do naturally whether I’m out and about or simply leaving the house.  

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2. Mail Your Valuables

This less obvious solution is more important in specific situations. In times when you are moving to a new area or relocating a home then it may be more practical to ship any valuables you do not want to lose. If you are moving large quantities of bags or items through a train station or airport you may be making yourself an easy target for petty theft.  If you have ever had anything stolen in these circumstances I’m sure you can relate to how distressing it is. 

By shipping your personal possessions you also reduce the risk of forgetting anything important during your travel. You can release yourself of the responsibility of watching and holding the most important valuables while checking bags, sorting out tickets, or while corralling a handful of kids. It can honestly be a huge weight of your mind to not have expensive or important personal items to worry about. 

3. Check Your Bags

When flying through different locations you should pack, secure, and check any valuables that are not related to the travel process. This excludes passports and such of course, but if you have to bring any expensive jewellery or any other valuables that may be not be essential to traveling this is the way to go.

By doing this you clear yourself of responsibility of any items. If lost then the airlines will spend their time and resources to find it, and in the worst possible scenario they will reimburse you for lost luggage.

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The Bottom Line

The most effective ways to keep your valuables safe will always be to just keep a watchful eye and avoid situations where you may become a victim. However, these tips are a good reminder to be conscious and mindful about how you travel and where you put your belongings.

Whether you are taking a cross country road trip or moving yourself and all your personal possessions to a new city, there are a lot of things to remember when transporting things important to you and not making yourself an easy target. Passports, phones, and wallets are some of the easiest things to steal, but they are also easily protected. With a little forward thinking you can have peace of mind on your travels from here on in.

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