My weight has been a constant issue for me.  I was a ‘chubby’ child and took a lot of stick because of it.  I have had a few slender years in my early twenties and then again before I met my husband, but the rest of the time I have been over weight.


I have also had 2 pregnancies in the last 3 years, both plagued with pelvic girdle pain so have gained more than my fair share of baby weight.  I need to get the better of this once and for all.  Standing on the scales last week was a nasty shock.


I’m not happy carrying extra weight, I don’t think that most of us are.  I find it effects my confidence, my self esteem and so many other areas of my life.  Having a family I want to be as healthy as possible so I can keep up with them.  I’ve got a fair few sports days ahead of me and I want to give those other competitive parents a run for their money.


So, how am I going to crack my weight issue.  I’m going to blog about it of course!  Why’s that then?  I want to think like a thin person and in order to get there I need to learn where my wonky thoughts are and turn them into a thin person’s thoughts, or more accurately a healthy person’s thoughts.


I’ve listened to podcasts, I’ve had hypnotherapy, I’ve exercised and I’ve dieted but I’m back here again.  I’ve still not cracked the lifestyle change I need to make.  So I’m starting a series of posts called Thinking Thin, and here I’m going to tackle an aspect of what I think my stumbling blocks are in the hope I can crack them once on for all.  I’m confident blogging will help me internalise the changes I need to make.  I’m not going to diet, or turn into an exercise freak, I just want to live a healthier life and make mine and my family’s health a priority.  I guess this is the start.  I have a vision, I know where I am going, which has to be a good start for any journey.


Are you a healthy weight?  What’s your secret to maintaining it?  Do you carry a little extra?  What do you need to change to shed a few pounds?


  1. At the beginning of the year I lost 11lbs and was so please with myself. I’ve put half of it back on and would like to start dieting again. I’m just over a stone away from my goal weight, but find that the last stone is the hardest to lose. I have no motivation, but my weight, like yours, affects my self-esteem and confidence. I’ll be keeping an eye on your progress for some inspiration and motivation!
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  2. Great post Zena, very honest. I think you’re right, I know that carrying extra weight knocks my confidence.

    I probably sound like a broken record, but cannot advocate cutting out refined sugars and processed carbs enough. It might be tough for a few days, a week perhaps, but once it becomes part of every day life they are easy to avoid. The book ‘it starts with food’ is a fab eye opener if you can find the time to read at the mo.

    Really hope you crack it this time lovely 🙂

  3. I wish you all the best on your loosing weight venture. I think if you are determined enough you will get there.

    My weight is a bit too much for my liking, but nothing I can whilst I have hormonal contraception floating around my body. Always makes me put on weight. As soon as it’s out of my system I loose the extra weight very quickly.

    Laura x x x

  4. I’m also unhappy carrying extra weight and can relate to much of this. I think you’re doing great though if your aim is to be healthier. Stick with that lovely and it’s got to be good for you! I try to do 30 minutes exercise every day and am also blogging about it to help me stay committed to that goal! Like you, it’s about trying to be healthier – and feel better for it. Look forward to reading more x

  5. I am technically not overweight but due to a very short body I carry more round my middle than I am happy with and as soon as my weight creeps up (even just a few pounds) my back starts to tell me by hurting more. However trying to shift those few extra pounds to reduce my tummy roll and keep my back happy is so difficult. I shall be following your progress with interest and looking for inspirational tips 🙂 Good luck.
    Rosie @Eco-Gites of Lenault recently posted…A Normandy Tale, 70 years in the making.My Profile

  6. I am always unhappy with my body, no matter what weight I am 🙁 I never feel comfortable in my own skin.
    I really hope blogging can help, and I will keep track of your progress and hoepfully think of some motivational messages xx

  7. I managed to lose 3 stone in a year, but a stone has crept back on. It can be so hard to get bac on track but like you, I’m determined to try! Good luck! xx

  8. I had bad SPD during pregnancy and ended up on crutches for the last 3 months. I gained 4 stone and now can’t exercise as still have SPD. I will read your series with interest. Good luck X

  9. I am trying so hard this past few weeks to be more healthy and eat better, i have cut down loads and starting to cut things like caffeine and sugar as much as i can x

  10. Good luck! I too struggle, and have never really found the secret to maintaining. I have just lost 18lbs, and have another half a stone to go to be happy – but then no doubt I will do what I always do and put it all back on again- i seem to spend half the year dieting and the other half putting it back on!

  11. great post! I’ve never been overweight, though I struggled with anorexia for years. But I am more aware as i get older at keeping an eye on my weight, I think eating healthily most of the time – but allowing yourself the odd treat, and lots of excercise is key

  12. This is something I need to tackle as well – I’m gradually cutting out all refined sugars and carbohydrates rather than going cold turkey. My big push will be in September when both kids are in school!

  13. I reached exactly the same conclusion recently. I am an advocate for beauty being any shape or size, but it has to be one you are comfortable with. I wasn’t comfortable with the weight I had gained. The post linked below details my weight loss journey so far. Get on it sweets – you won’t regret it. I regret not doing it sooner but for now moving forward – no looking back.

  14. Good luck with your journey 🙂 I’ve been overweight since I was about 8 years old, reaching my heaviest weight 2 years ago (31 st 1lb). I started Slimming World and lost 7 stone in my first year. I’ve only lost 1 and a half stone my second year, hoping to make it 2 stone by August 21st which will be my 2 year slimming world anniversary. I’ve really struggled this year but I’m proud of the fact that I haven’t given up, which I’ve done every time I’ve tried to lose weight in the past. It might be taking me a lot longer but I’ll never give up, I’ve worked too hard to go back now!

  15. Good luck on your journey. I have struggled with my weight for years, tried all sorts of diets. The only thing that helped was doing Taibo but unfortunately I can’t do that anymore.


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