Goodyear Driving Academy Training Review

Young Driver is apart of the Goodyear Driver Academy and provides driving lessons for under 17’s so when we were given the opportunity to review a lesson with them we jumped at the chance.  Teen is going to be 17 in December so driving is a reality for him and me (his over anxious Mother) in the not to distant future.  As a Mum, the idea of him getting in a car for the first time on the road makes me feel a little nervous, so this seemed like a perfect introduction.


Road traffic accidents are one of the main causes of deaths for 17-24 year olds which is a scary statistic.  Goodyear Driving Academy promotes a graduated approach to learning to drive, aiming to improve road safety and challenge attitudes and behaviours towards being on the road.  It aims to be fun too, creating a great environment for young people to learn in.




Our lesson was at the Victoria Centre Car Park, Nottingham and to be honest I was a little sceptical at first but it turned out to work really well.  The space was huge and a few cars could go round at once giving a sense of other road users for the kids taking part.  It was in a central location making it accessible, and parents could stay and watch or go and do a bit of shopping if they liked.





There was a small friendly team of instructors to take the lessons.  They were all CRB checked and some had experience of working with young people outside of the Goodyear Driving Academy at places like Scouts and Sea Cadets.  The culture seemed to be pretty fun and upbeat which added to our positive experience.


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Goodyear Driving Academy Parent Pack


We were provided with a Parent Pack that is aimed at helping Mum’s and Dad’s encourage their children to think about driving before they get behind the wheel.  To be honest, it was a little young for Teen but it still was an excellent resource I wish I’d had access to earlier including games and activities to introduce kids to the Highway Code.  It’s still helped me to think about the kind of conversations I should be having with Teen to help make him a safe and successful driver, things like road signs, driving conditions and car maintenance for example.


The Experience


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I found as a parent the whole experience was really positive.  The team were welcoming and friendly, they put myself and my son at ease straight away.  Teen was able to get on with driving the car really quickly, and as well as driving did a 3 point turn, a spacial awareness challenge and parked the car at the end.


As he took part in the lesson I’ll let him tell you himself what he thought:





A half an hour lesson costs £31.99 and an hour costs £59.95 so I’m not going to pretend that it’s cheap, but I will say that it’s worth it if you want to invest in your child’s driving education.  The lesson we had was well structured, the staff were experienced, the venue was suitable and it was a completely safe environment.  I will be booking more lessons for Teen in the months leading up to December so he can learn more about handling a car before he gets on the road.




You’ve already heard Teen say he’d recommend it to his friends, and I would have no problem recommending it to their parents.  When we were there there were young people who had had their lesson bought as a treat for doing well in their school report so it worked well as a one off experience or as regular sessions.


By attending sessions like this young people have the opportunity to learn how a car works so when they get on the road for real they can concentrate on the skill of driving itself.  Supporting this with the Parent Pack will also give them a sound knowledge of the Highway Code and the theory of driving.


We were provided with the lesson and in exchange for writing this review, but I will definitely be booking lessons direct to get Teen ready for the road and I have no regrets at all about providing this review.


If your interested in finding out more and booking a lesson head over to the Young Drivers webpage .

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22 Discussion to this post

  1. This is every teenagers dream driving a car, it is good that they get some experiance of driving before going out on the road, my son is 17 and is very excited about starting driving lessons but im very anxious of him going on the road, we are thinking of some off road lessons before hand so he gets the feel of the controls and being behind the wheel first. great review 🙂 X
    the house that never rests recently posted…Shoutykid by Simon MayleMy Profile

  2. Terry says:

    I had a trainer teach me how to drive many years ago. I think everyone should do that.

  3. Shell Louise says:

    This sounds great. Glad the teen enjoyed it 🙂

  4. Louisa says:

    Driving lessons are something we will be looking at next year for my teen. I have to be honest that the thought worries me, he is totally colour blind so I don’t know how he will manage with road signs etc. A course like this would be an ideal introduction for him.

  5. Astrid says:

    Wow, this sure sounds like quite the experience. It is indeed very good to introduce teens to road safety and other driving concepts early on. This lesson sounds good.
    Astrid recently posted…Talking to Kids About Tragedies in the NewsMy Profile

  6. Joanna Sormunen says:

    Great post, and information! I’m really scared to think when my tween will be at driving age. Hopefully he won’t want to drive until he’s 30 (not a chance, though) LOL

  7. Glad he enjoyed it, It is expensive but it is a great experience x
    You Baby Me Mummy recently posted…Like mother like daughterMy Profile

  8. I’ve seen these advertised from age 11! I think at that age it’s a bit of tease but since your son will be 17 in December it seems like a good start to driving for a teenager. Standard driving lessons don’t seem to take into account a person’s age.
    Ness (@jibberjabberuk) recently posted…Chocolate MadeleinesMy Profile

  9. I think this is an ace idea for kids before taking lessons. So cool
    Jen aka The Mad House recently posted…Encouraging independence in kids over the summerMy Profile

  10. I think it’s great to familiarise them with driving as early as possible (speaking as someone who’s only just passed her test at 28!) but £59!!! Wow.
    Adele @ Circus Queen recently posted…Summer Bucket ListMy Profile

  11. Polly says:

    glad he enjoyed it! I wish i’d learnt in my teens
    Polly recently posted…Feeding a family at a festivalMy Profile

  12. Kim Carberry says:

    That sounds a really great introduction to driving! Glad your teen enjoyed it x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…The Burger Ka-Pow – Review!!My Profile

  13. This does sound a good idea, though mine are a long way off this yet. Glad your son enjoyed it x
    The Reading Residence recently posted…Fruit Shoot Easy Squeezy Smooth JamsMy Profile

  14. Yet Another Blogging Mummy!!! says:

    Sounds a good way of learning. Long time until I need to think about this for my boys #TriedTested

  15. This looks amazing – I can’t wait until my two are old enough to have a go although if I’m honest the thought of them actually driving for real terrifies me!
    [email protected] recently posted…Five free things you can do this Summer #1….My Profile

  16. Jenny says:

    We have one of these local to us. I would be happy for my son to try it – rather that than my husband try and teach him!
    Jenny recently posted…Shopping with Morrisons onlineMy Profile

  17. What a good idea for gaining some confidence and experience. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested
    Kate @ Family Fever recently posted…Thomas Spills and Thrills reviewMy Profile

  18. At 3 years old, my son has a long way to go before he gets behind the wheel. Although he thinks otherwise.
    VaiChin @RamblingThroughParenthood recently posted…Moshi Monsters at Sea Life ManchesterMy Profile

  19. Emma TheMiniMesAndMe says:

    It sounds like it was a good experience as he gave it an 8/9 and due to the fact parents are a lot more involved. Rather pricey though for something you can get a lot cheaper x

  20. Kara says:

    This looks like a fab idea. Callan’s dad has been taking him out on an old airstrip for some time now but its his first real driving lesson today!
    Kara recently posted…Win a Kids in the Kitchen Pack from Betta LivingMy Profile

  21. What a great concept! I had no idea they did anything like this. Driving lessons are a way off for my kids yet but I’d definitely do something like this when the time comes x
    ghostwritermummy recently posted…Happy Birthday Prince George: celebrating with Frugi!My Profile

  22. Helen Dickinson says:

    I think this is a great idea. It gives kids that little bit of extra experience before they go behind the wheel! Glad he enjoyed it. 🙂

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