We have had such a busy house recently the thought of potty training has been a little overwhelming for everyone.  That being said, Princess is showing signs that she is ready so I also don’t want to miss that window of opportunity.  She definitely has an awareness of needing to go to the toilet,  for a while now she has taken herself of to a quite corner when she needs a poo and then returns with her most proud declaration ‘I’ve pooed!’.  It makes me think she likes us cleaning it up for her instead of putting it in the potty.


I was less sure about wee’s, but in the last few weeks we have had some success with her realising she needs to go and putting them in the potty.  So why aren’t we going for it all guns blazing?  One of the reasons is my daughter is currently in full time Nursery.  The other is a new baby arrived in the house 2 months ago.  As well as all that getting everyone on the same page with the same approach, starting with Daddy, is my first challenge.  Educating Daddy has been the hardest bit.  He cannot resist the urge to throw an nappy on her after the first accident, which unfortunately is far from helping matters.

Potty Train

I have been really worried about potty training Princess because of the major change of having a new baby sister arrive into her life and because she goes to nursery full-time.  Potty training when there is a major change just isn’t a good plan, but we have been talking to her for sometime about using the potty and giving her regular ‘nappy free’ time between tea and bed time.  There has been a potty around for around a year so she is really familiar with it too.


Her nursery is a very busy place.  This has worried me as I fear she will be so distracted and have so many accidents that it will set her back instead of ‘training’ her.  I’ve been talking to the nursery about potty training for a while and that has really helped me feel more confident about her learning in that environment.  They have been introducing her to the toilet since she turned 2 back in March, helping her to establish a good routine in a busy play setting.


During the day time, the children at nursery change into a T-Shirt.  This is going to make such a difference in helping Princess toilet train.  Clothes aren’t going to get soiled.  Her pants will be easy for her to get up and down for going to the toilet and it’s got to make the staff’s job a whole lot easier.


Her peers are also at various stages in their potty training journey.  Seeing other children use the toilet, and all going together will help her no end.  As the positives far out weigh the fears I’m starting to feel like the groundwork has been laid and it’s time to tackle this head on.  Coincidently, Princess will be at home 2 days a week from next week.  This is going to help me as I’ll feel we are jointly toilet training her as opposed to them shouldering the burden taking the lead.

So here’s my Potty Plan for Princess at home and nursery

  1. Make sure everyone has read the plan, and yes that means you too Daddy!
  2. Talk to nursery regularly about her progress.
  3. Remind her about going to the toilet around meal/drink times and other key times like before going to nursery/leaving the house.
  4. Praise all successes and attempts at going to the toilet/using potty.
  5. If she has an accident, don’t make a fuss, just change her and reassure her it’s OK.
  6. Give nursery a supply of pants and Dry Like Me pads to use.
  7. Take a potty and a few changes of clothes EVERYWHERE.



We have been provided with the Dry Like Me Pads to review, so I’ll let you all know how we’ve got in in our ‘Potty Training A Toddler At Nursery’ Update in a few weeks time.  If you have any tips to help me out please do pop a comment in the box for me.  We need all the help we can get!


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  1. Good luck with potty training 🙂 Hopefully it will go well since she’s showing some signs she’s ready xx

  2. I’m ashamed to say, I trained both my two in less than 3 days armed with tubes of Smarties. Oh, they soon learned how to ‘tinkle for a treat’ lol.

    That said, even now aged 7 and 4, and I still always saying, “go to the loo before we get in the car… ” I don’t think potty training ever leaves us!


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