Little Pudding is 5 1/2  months old now, and I’ve managed to feed those chunky little thighs of hers myself all this time, go me and my milk making superpower.  It’s come at a price though.  I desperately need to go to the hairdressers, but I haven’t been able to leave her long enough yet.  I haven’t got into the swing of expressing, just through lack of time (and inclination I guess).

Those pumps make me feel like a dairy cow, and I find them a right old faff when it comes to cleaning and sterilising.  I think they stir up memories from when Princess was small and she wasn’t gaining weight.  I still remember the feeding/pumping regime with absolute dread.  My hat so goes off to the pumping Mama’s out there, as it’s a job in itself maintaining a supply that can feed as well as freeze!

stopping breastfeeding

I have felt really hungry these last couple of weeks, and pretty thirsty too.  Taking in enough calories and fluid to produce milk and have the energy to feed whilst trying not to let my weight loss journey hit the wall completely is a whole new challenge.  I guess it’s just for another few weeks then she’ll be chomping on the family favourites and some tasty goodies that Ella’s Kitchen sent her.  I have mixed feelings about weaning though, I wish it wasn’t just round the corner.

I’ve got some great nursing related giveaways coming up this week, which I’ll be linking up here so please do keep an eye out for them!  They are perfect for new and expectant Mothers, so pass them onto your friends too.

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  1. I was having a conversation just yesterday about the breastfeeding hunger. At almost nine months mine has finally subsided, but boy those first six months were crazy. I was eating a chicken every other day at one point because I was always ravenous! Go you and your milk making super power, so pleased you’ve done it lovely. This is definitely the hardest bit, once you start replacing milk with food in a couple of months it’ll all become much more normal. There are tons of recipes on both of my blogs that are always free from dairy, grains and refined sugar if you ever need some inspiration xxx

  2. It’s funny that you are feeling sad about the weaning process, because I felt that Gwenn having solids would take a bit of the pressure off me? I really struggled with breastfeeding and we combi-fed from day 2 (which wasn’t what I wanted but there you go!). Gwenn eating solid food meant that I could cut down her formula and that most of her milk feeds came from me.

    I take my hat off to anybody who exclusively breastfeeds, I really do!



  3. I’m feeling much better about weaning third time around. First time was hardest I think. And omg at the hunger. I could eat everything and ANYTHING. Hungriest I’ve ever been is when I was tandem nursing my first two and Toddler was matching the exclusively fed baby feed for feed.

  4. Wow I can hardly believe that Pudding is already at the stage when you are starting to think about weaning. I felt a little sad at Sophie weaning too – think it was the fact she was growing up too fast for my liking plus I wasn’t looking forward to the nappies! I know just what you mean about being hungry all the time though – it’s hungry and thirsty work producing that lovely milk! 🙂

  5. I got drawn to your post by the title (after going to the fridge to get myself some rice pudding!). Same here, Wriggly is 5 months old and exclusively breastfed (I haven’t even tried giving her a bottle yet) and I am so hungry it is quite embarrassing when people are around! I am inhaling food at the moment. x
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