This week the NSPCC launched it’s new campaign #ShareAware to help parents keep their children safe online.  As a parent, knowing and understanding what my children have access to when they use a tablet, smart phone, computer or games console is one of my biggest challenges.

This is why I was one of 500 parents that researched over 48 social media platforms to see how easy they were to access, if they contained inappropriate content and if the parental controls and reporting features were accessible.  Some of the findings are quite scary.The NSPCC have used this information to create an online toolkit for parents that is user friendly and will help people make an informed decision about whether the sites their children are using are suitable or not.  One of the great things about this research is it was done by parents for parents so we understand the concerns people have about social media, the internet and their children.

The campaign also brings home other important messages that will help parents guide their children through using the internet and what to share in this digital age our children are growing up in.  If you haven’t seen the video, ‘Have You Seen Alex’s Willy?’, please take a look and think about talking to your child about what can happen when they think they are just having a bit of fun.

I believe that childhood is precious and that we as parents should give our kids the best parenting possible.  The information on the NSPCC website will help you play a huge part in keeping your child safe online and help protect their innocence.

Don’t get me wrong, the internet is an amazing resource when used appropriately and this is not about never letting your child use the web.  In today’s society, it’s something they need to learn how to use to support their learning and education and can be a source of great fun too.  But as with anything there is a dark and sinister side, and a child may not always be aware when they are putting themselves in danger.  It is important as parents that we talk about how to use the internet safely with our children and guide them through this new digital playing field.

During the launch of this campaign I have been delighted to see so many bloggers support the NSPCC to get the message out about online safety.  I hope you’ll checkout one of my favourite little people on the web.  Ickle Pickle is just 2 but he and his Mummy take online safety very seriously and here’s what they had to say.


  1. […] I’m very aware of how much the internet has changed and how easy it is for children to get online.  It can be a fantastic experience and really helpful for a child’s education.  We are currently using apps to help my daughter with her phonic alphabet ready for going to school.  It can also be a dark place too, and children need to be aware of how to set boundaries and keep themselves safe online. […]


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