September is here and the autumn button has been pressed but how do you keep having fun as a family in the colder months?  The summer is all about going outdoors and making the most of the sunshine and we are often left wanting to keep that momentum going, despite the change in season.  I’ve been thinking about how to keep that holiday feeling alive, and it inspired me to write 17 things to do in autumn with kids for the blog, so here we go..

Things To Do In Autumn With Kids

Go to the Theatre

child excited about going to the theatre

Going to the theatre as a family is a great autumn activity, and it doesn’t have to be expensive either.  Often, small theatres have family friendly performances in their schedules, and the ticket price is usually very reasonable.  Find out if there is anything showing near you and get some seats booked.

Visit a Museum

Museums come in all shapes and sizes and cover so many different topics.  They are often free to visit making them a great option for things to do in autumn with kids, or things to do in fall if you live the other side of the pond.

Go on a Steam Train

train station

If you live near to a steam railway, taking a trip on a steam train can be an excellent autumn day out.  Enjoying the countryside and the changing season from the comfort of a train carriage can be a fun trip for everyone and well worth adding to your list of autumn activities.

A Walk in the Woods

There are still plenty of ways to enjoy the outdoors, and walking is a fun family activity as well as being free and healthy.  Look up your local nature reserve and pay it a visit.  Collecting pine cones or leaves for pictures are great autumn activities for toddlers and early years children. Everyone will enjoy spotting the local wildlife and you will all feel great having got some fresh air together.

17 Things To Do With Kids In Autumn

Go Bowling

Bowling is so much fun and has the added bonus of being indoors!  On very bad weather days, going bowling is a great way to have fin together.

Visit the Cinema

These colder times of year are perfect for visiting the cinema.  Seeing films on the big screen can be a real treat for kids, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth.  Most cinemas offer off peak showings that are reasonably priced for families to attend.

Go to a Trampoline Park

If your kids have some energy to burn, visiting a trampoline park is going to be heaps of fun for all.  They can burn off some steam while you grab a coffee and catching up with your favourite magazine.

Go out for a Family Meal

family meal

We really enjoy eating out as a family, and I know everyone gets a lot out of it.  The cook gets a night off which is a huge win in my book, and everyone gets to enjoy a treat which can really lift the spirits as the evenings get darker and colder.

Visit an Aquarium

If you are looking for an indoor autumn activity that the kids will love, then visiting an aquarium is going to tick so many boxes.  Watching and learning about sea life is so much fun.  I would have to put the jelly fish down as my favourite exhibit for sure.


Visit a Soft Play Centre

I know that soft play can be the worst of all parent nightmares, but lets face it, the kids love it.  If you have preschool age kids they can be great places to visit during term time and off peak periods this autumn.

Play Indoor Golf

Following our experience of mini-golf earlier in the year, I’m definitely adding indoor golf to this list.  If there is a centre near you, check out the latest offers and discounts and get yourself signed up for some great family fun this fall.

Go Swimming

I bet everyone did a lot of swimming over the summer didn’t they?  It’s a great activity for all the family in terms of exercise and building up those life saving skills.  Make going swimming regularly one of your regular autumn activities with the family.

kid swimming under water

Make a Pot

If your family are creative, then why not book a session to go and make a pot.  You will all have a lot of messy fun and a lovely keepsake you can bring away with you too.

Go to a Snow Dome

Skiing and snow boarding are so much fun, and snow domes are a great place to enjoy these activities, even in the UK.  As another good energy burning activity for everyone, that could well provide lots of laughs too, it definitely makes it onto the autumn activity list.

Indoor Climbing

My son enjoyed climbing for years, and it’s a great activity for all the family.  Find your local climbing centre and see what they have to offer in terms of climbing courses and family activities.

Go to an Art Gallery

Nottingham Contemporary Exhibition 4

An art gallery is a great place to take kids whether you are an art lover or not.  The exhibitions are often great talking points and you might even find free family sessions where the children are able to go and make their own pieces of art too.

Visit a National Trust Property

I’ve visited a few National Trust properties this year, and have found out they have a lot to offer families looking for a great day out.  Just take a look at how we got on at Buckland Abbey and Brimham Rocks for example.

Buckland Abbey and gardens

We all know how important it is to keep the kids busy, and that is one thing that doesn’t change in the colder months.  I hope this bucket list of things to do in autumn with kids, or fall of course, comes in handy.  As the weather changes pace, we will definitely be doing lots of these autumn activities with the kids.

What kinds of things do you do with kids at this time of year?  Does your list of activities change in autumn?  Would you add any ideas to the list to help parents looking for inspiration and ideas?

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  1. We have really been feeling the come down from a lovely summer and this cooler weather has hit me hard, this is a lovely reminder of how much there still is to do. Plus you’ve reminded me we will still have Snowdomes!

  2. What a great list. Indoor attractions and cinema are always a win this time of year. I’m certainly consider the other options too as some are cheaper haha

  3. We do most of these activities all year round, a jump jam opened in our local town last year, Connor is 13 so has been with his friends but I was pregnant on Mollie so couldn’t go as Megan needs to be supervised and pregnant ladies can’t use them, but I’m definitely going to take her soon, I need to take her to the cinema too but she won’t sit and watch a film right through at home so I’m dubious xxx


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