How do Dad’s get dressing kids so wrong?  Or in our case, how does Daddy get dressing his girls so wrong?  Why does filling the nursery bag with a spare set of clothes seem to be a constant bone of contention?  It seems I have to be responsible for this stuff as Daddy simply cannot tell his tights from his leggings or his tunics from his dresses.  I had no idea this stuff was so difficult.

I have turned up to nursery once too often now to collect Princess and felt compelled to apologise for the atire Daddy has seen fit to dress her in that day.  Simply pulling the top down does not make it a dress Daddy, no matter how hard you tug.  A T-shirt and a pair of tights is half dressed in my world, but not to Daddy it would seem.

Free Printable Labels

Well enough is enough, I’m fed up with these dress shenanigans and it struck me there was a simple fix to all of this.  It’s time we had some labels, so Daddy knows exactly where the jeans and long sleeved tops are.  There will be no excuse for mistaking a set of leggings for a pair of tights anymore!

It seems that simply looking at the clothes is beyond the male species repertoire of skills when it comes to putting together a 3 year olds outfit for the day.  It boggles me how this task can end in such disastrous results from someone who can normally complete the most complex of technical tasks.   I’ve got to get on top of this situation before she’s off to school next year, as school kids aren’t quite so kind about wardrobe malfunctions.

Free Printable Blank Labels

Given that this dilemma isn’t going away anytime soon, I’ve designed us some blank labels to direct Daddy in the vicinity of the required garments for the day.  It seems leading Daddy to the vests with a game of ‘your getting warmer’ has become a little tedious for all camps!

Are you faced with a similar problem?  Perhaps some clothes labels would help you too.  You can get your free printable downloads right here:

Cute Labels

Cute Labels 2


  1. My partner can’t dress our baby daughter – she ends up wearing things inside-out or back-to-front quite often. How can’t he get it? He can dress himself – it can’t be that different…

    • You’ve made such a good point, how can it be so different? I’m going to have to get my girls to learn how to dress themselves pretty smartish as a fail safe 🙂


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