Next week, my daughters and I are heading off to Bluestone National Park Resort in Wales for a mid week break.  We are leaving the boys home alone so we can go and enjoy the beautiful Pembrokeshire beaches and get a big dose of fresh air.  We are so excited!  It got me thinking about how easy it is to jump in the car and enjoy a UK holiday, and I’ve since found out that more and more of us are enjoying midweek breaks in the UK.

Are We Taking More Holidays In The UK

Why Are We Taking More UK Holidays? 

I’ve noticed a change in myself to want to explore more UK destinations and I was really curious to find out why there is a general trend in this direction.  I was surprised to learn that it is the younger generation bucking this trend, and not necessarily families and older couples.

Travellers these days are looking for convenient, hassle free holidays and travelling in the UK is easy and familiar whilst still providing us with new beautiful destinations to explore.

Lake Cumbria

With so many people having access to social media and sharing their personal experiences online of UK destinations, it is encouraging the new generation of traveller to explore what our gorgeous country has to offer.  This has definitely played a part in our decision to explore Pembrokeshire.  Some of the pictures I’ve seen on Instagram are just stunning.

It seems we are also becoming increasingly aware of the impact a holiday or short break can have on our health, and more and more UK holiday makers are taking wellness holidays.  We are becoming so much more intelligent about the impact a holiday can have on us, and outdoor holidays that expose us to the natural environment are taking us away from the European or city break.

beach huts

Being invested in our holidays in a different way is certainly having an impact on where and when we take our holidays, while we seek out the best of both worlds.  Taking holidays  that are both rejuvenating and convenient seems to be helping the UK holiday industry no end.

Room Occupancy Trends 2016 – An infographic by the team at eviivo

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  1. We don’t have valid passports any more so all of our breaks are in the UK. I do prefer midweek but we’re usually constrained by the school term.

  2. A weekend away with just you and your daughters sound really lovely! When my daughter is a bit older, would love to do that with her too. x

  3. As I read this, I’m in a cottage in Fife, enjoying an Easter break. We always have a break like this here, once a year at least. There’s so much here to enjoy, although we don’t always have the weather!

  4. yes I think more are doing that for sure mainly down to costs but there are so many beautiful holiday places closer to home for sure

  5. I was saying this to my husband just recently. I have seen more of the States than the UK which is a shame as the UK has so much to offer.

  6. I think it is great people are holidaying in the uk more, we love going to the Lake District for a break every September x

  7. I love a mixture of UK and foreign holidays, the UK is a wonderful place! We were invited to go to Bluestone next week too but with being 39 weeks pregnant and moving house I thought I’d better stay close to home! Hope you have a wonderful time and gutted I’m not there with you!xx

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  9. I’ve never been abroad before but with 5 kids under 8yrs old I’ve found that Haven Holiday Parks give our family everything we need fun, beaches, beautiful views and plenty of places to visit, so I dont see the need to travel outside the uk while my kids are young and would hate the travelling anyway. 45 minutes to Havens Campsite and even then we have to fill the mini bus up with activities for them so imagine to Disneyland or somewhere haha

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