Visiting The Baby Barbary Macaques At Monkey Forest Trentham Gardens

monkey eating apple

Monkey Forest at Trentham Gardens is a very unique and special place.  We visited the Barbary Macaques as a family a few years ago, and I was very impressed with how we were just able to roam through the forest watching the monkeys going about their daily business.

Our youngest daughter hasn’t been to Monkey Forest and I was keen to take her to experience it for herself.   I also thought it would be a lovely thing to do with her before the school holidays get under way.  She loves seeing animals and it gives us something to talk about.  I’m looking for as many inspiring topics of conversation for her at the moment, to try and support the speech difficulties she’s having as a result of her glue ear diagnosis.

child watching monkeys at Monkey forest

Baby Season at Monkey Forest

It’s also baby season at Monkey Forest, and they had 4 new arrivals when we visited.  Seeing the baby Barbary Macaques was an extra special treat for us, and made for an even more special day.  At one point we were practically sat next to a mum feeding her baby and it was just the sweetest thing I think I’ve seen all year.  This is definitely a good time to visit Monkey Forest.

two female monkeys and baby

What makes Monkey Forest so special is the Barbary Macaques are literally able to roam free and live as they would do in their natural environment.  It’s a beautiful forest which has boundary fencing to contain the monkeys, but to all intents and purposes the forest is theirs.  There are about 140 monkeys living in the forest between two packs.

Do You See The Monkeys?

There are plenty of opportunities to see the monkeys and we first spotted one a few metres from the entrance sleeping in a tree.  As you walk towards the first feeding area, there are plenty of monkey’s hanging about.  Feeding times take place regularly and the staff are always on had to answer questions or give you an insight into the monkey’s behaviour.

monkeys at Monkey forest

We learned that lots of monkeys like to be involved in the care of the new arrivals and it seemed to bring the community closer together.  There was a tribal mum who was taking care of her own baby, and one of the other new arrivals.  At one point there was a little ruckus between the two mums as I think there was some dispute over who was meant to be taking care of the baby that day.  It’s all really interesting to watch and not something you would experience at a zoo or safari park.

monkey eating apple

We saw both packs of monkeys during our visit, and I think we got to see most, if not all of the new arrivals.  Being in the peaceful and natural surroundings of the forest was also a lovely thing to share with my daughter, as we are used to being surrounded by houses and buildings most of the time.

monkey playing in a tree

We really enjoyed our experience at Monkey Forest together, and I couldn’t resist coming home with a couple of monkey toys from the gift shop as they reminded of the babies we had seen that day.  Monkey Forest also has a cafe and two play areas for children to use.  There’s plenty of seating should you wish to take your own picnic and there’s also a film and information centre if you want to know more about the Barbary Macaques at Monkey Forest.

child standing watching monkey

It’s also worth mentioning that the monkeys make no effort to touch you in anyway.  They just walk past you going about their business.  As long as you stick to the guidelines, which is to keep about a metre away from the monkeys at any point, and don’t eat or drink in the forest, you will be fine, and have a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Monkey Forest Important Information

Visiting The Baby Barbary Macaques At Monkey Forest

Trentham Monkey Forest

Stone Road



Opening Times Vary: Please visit website

Ticket Prices 

Adults £8.50

Children (3-14) £6.50

Under 3’s go free

We were provided with free entry to Monkey Forest Trentham Gardens in return for this review, but all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

Zena Goldman

Zena Goldman is a UK based travel, family & lifestyle blogger who left her 9-5 job behind in the not-for-profit sector to follow her creative dreams and enjoy a more flexible family life. She began writing Zena’s Suitcase in 2011 and shares the holidays and adventures she goes on with (and without) her 2 young daughters. She wishes her son would join them more often but he’s carving out his own dreams now and enjoying university life. Since beginning Zena’s Suitcase she has worked with a number of brands and also has a regular monthly feature in the ASDA Good Living Magazine feature, ‘Ask The Expert’ where she shares helpful parenting tips. In 2018 she was also a finalist in the prestigious BIBs Awards for Social Media.

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11 Discussion to this post

  1. MARGARET gallagher says:

    Would love to visit
    Great experience for all the family

  2. Helen says:

    Ahh it sounds lovely. Monkeys are my favourite whenever we go to the zoo, or any kind of nature reserve. They’re just so cheeky! We’re doing a safari soon and I’m gutted we can’t go into the monkey reserve because we only have a soft top car at the moment. Imagine though…!
    Helen recently posted…5 Different New York Trips You Must Do in Your LifetimeMy Profile

  3. MARGARET gallagher says:

    A great place for FAMILY fun
    Love to visit when I’m around this area

  4. Diane Wareing says:

    I love monkey’s they are so funny. Great opportunity to take some pics too. It’s quite reasonable to get in too so it looks like it’s on the summer list.

  5. Kayleigh Watkins says:

    Looks like a fantastic family day out, we love visiting our local monkey sanctuary, they are so intelligent xxx

  6. Michelle says:

    The monkeys are so cute and I absolutely love the fact that they have free rein over the forest. They are being protected but able to roam free and be what nature intended them to be. That’s awesome!
    Michelle recently posted…40 and Single and Happy About it!My Profile

  7. Oh I’d love to go and see monkeys as they’re always my favourite part of a zoo x
    Rhian Westbury recently posted…How Hawaii’s Big Island Is Different To ExpectationsMy Profile

  8. Emily Hallett says:

    Lovely photos. Looks like you had a great day out.

  9. Esthy says:

    Looks like you all had a great time. Those monkeys are so adorable. I would really like to visit the Monkey Forest with my nephew who loves monkey to help me earn auntie brownie points.
    Esthy recently posted…9 Summer Activities with Kids that Won’t Break the BankMy Profile

  10. fiona waterworth says:

    must take the kids here

  11. Margaret gallagher says:

    Whey hey I’m visiting friends next week and this will certainly be on the itinery
    Really enjoyed reading about this beauty -time to see for myself

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