Even though Indie and Brook are only 6 and 4 years old respectively we have managed to get through quite a bit of children’s luggage already.  The girls have grown so quickly and this has definitely changed the type of girls suitcases that they need. We’ve learnt a thing or two about not only what to pack in our suitcases but also buying the right kids suitcase depending on age and the type of trip we are taking.

With all this family travel knowledge, we have been scouring the internet in the hope we can save you both time and money when buying your new kids luggage. We are confident we’ve found some of the best suitcases for girls and we’ve rounded them up into one handy travel gear post for you. In addition, if you want your suitcase to be unique, you can decorate it with some cute custom stickers to suit your style and create the suitcase that works best for you.

We also wanted to share a few family travel tips about buying girls luggage and how to get it right.  If you are planning on lots of vacations with your kids, buying the right girls luggage is going to be a great investment for you all. It can be a lot of fun finding a suitcase for girls too!

Why Have Separate Girls Suitcases

If you are new to travelling with kids you might be wondering what the benefits are to buying the kids their own girls travel bags.  I’m convinced there are a few benefits, especially if you are planning on going on frequent family holidays.

Having separate girls suitcases is a great way of making the most of your carry on baggage allowance when you are flying.  As soon as you have to buy them their own seat on a plane at two years old, they are entitled to have their own children’s carry on luggage so your excuse to buy cute suitcases for girls starts right there.

If you are only going on a short trip, or you pack very efficiently, a whole family could travel with just cabin bags for your summer holidays or city breaks.  The kids will also be going on school trips before you know it so a little girls suitcase will come in handy in more ways than one.

girls suitcases - unicorn luggage set and character luggage set

We have also found that having girls suitcases means that the kids are a lot more inclined to pack their own luggage.  I’ve always been in charge of writing the packing lists in our house, and I know there are certain things the girls always like to take.

Now they are old enough to pack their own toys, books, teddy and colouring sets in their suitcase all they need is a little prompting from me to get this job done before our holiday.  Every little helps when you live in a busy house like ours.

On the flip side, if they do forget something I can say to them that they had the chance to think about what they wanted to take and perhaps they need to think about what items they pack for a holiday a little bit more.

Even if they are only packing children’s hand luggage, it’s still an opportunity for them to take responsibility for what they want to pack and think about the types of activities they want to do when they are on holiday.

The other great thing about girls suitcases is they tend to be really easy to identify.  If you know you are going to be spotting your suitcase on the carousel or picking out your luggage at the cruise terminal before the trip home, then a pretty patterned suitcase is going to catch your eye and the kids also have a better chance of seeing it.  It could just make things a little quicker for you when you travel as a family and save any suitcase mix ups happening at the beginning or end of your holiday.

Get The Right Girls Suitcase

Different kids suitcases suit different types of travel better. It’s worth thinking about the types of holidays and trips you are going to be taking over the next few years before you buy a girls suitcase. If you know you are going to be flying a lot then buying lightweight hard shell suitcases should definitely be a priority for your girls cabin case.  You won’t have any trouble finding a girls hard suitcase that you like either.

If you know that you are going on a lot of road trips in the next few years, then soft shell suitcases are probably going to suit your family better as they fit into the back of cars easier than hard cases.  Being soft gives you the opportunity to squeeze them into those tight spaces in the boot and the unicorn cabin case is super cute isn’t it.

girls suitcase - pink unicorn soft shell, shimmer and shine and frozen hard case carry on luggage

Also, be realistic when it comes to the age of your kids and how likely they are to be carrying their own luggage through departure lounges and hotels.  This is where ride on and scooter suitcases can really save the day as they are a lot more fun than pulling children’s suitcases on wheels.

We have also found that we have changed or updated the girls luggage every two to three years while they are small.  This is because they have outgrown their Trunki suitcase or their tastes have changed.  For example, now they would really love the Matalan unicorn suitcase.  I’m pretty confident that we will have to buy more pretty suitcases as they get older, but it’s worth remembering that things change really quickly while they are young.

Best Girls Suitcases

Brook & Indie have been helping me choose the best girls suitcases for our list and I think they have picked something for everyone from a great toddler suitcase to luggage sets for older girls.  I’m a huge fan of the unicorn suitcase to be honest and can see us making a purchase very soon!

What do you think of our list of girls suitcases?

ImageDescription Details Features
unicorn suitcase setMatalan Unicorn
4 Wheel
Suitcase Set
Hard Case
Large: 77cm x 54cm x 29cm
Medium: 68cm x 47cm x 25cm
Small: 56cm x 37cm x 22cm
4 Wheels
Extendable handle
pink unicorn suitcaseMatalan IT
Unicorn Cabin Case
Soft Case
Size: 43.5 x 26 x 17cm
Capacity: 15L
Weight: 1.09kg
Multiple pockets
Water bottle pocket
Soft handles
10 year warranty
Trunki Pink Ride On SuitcaseTrunki Pink
Ride On
Hard Case
Size: 46 x 21 x 31 cm
Capacity: 18L
Weight: 1.7kg
Ride On
4 Wheels
Carry handles
Shoulder Straps
Secure locking system
teddy suitcaseCabin Max
Teddy Suitcase
Soft Case
Size: 50 x 20 x 34 cm
Weight: 1 Kg
Capacity: 34L
Carry teddy on outside
Cabin size
Easy grip handle
Bottle holder
pink paris suitcaseMadisson
Love Paris
Hard Case
Size: 32 x 18 x 46 cm
Weight: 2 Kg
4 Wheels
Pink Block SuitcaseMatalan IT
Luggage Block
Cabin Case
Hard Case
Size 46 x 29 x 20cm
Capacity 23L
Weight 2.35kg
Robust design
Easy to identify
4 wheels
Extendable handle
10 year warranty
costaway kids luggage set 2Costaway Kids
Luggage Set
Hard Case
Size: 30.5 x 21 x (47-82.5) cm
Suitcase & Backpack
4 Wheels

Best Character Suitcases for Girls

We also created a whole separate list for their favourite character suitcases and these ideas are great for young girls who travel a lot.  If you have a a little person who would love a new Disney suitcase or are looking for a My Little Pony suitcase, Brook & Indie didn’t want you to be left out.  The Minnie Mouse suitcase from Amazon is really popular at the moment, but you might want a Mickey Mouse suitcase, especially for a trip to Disneyland or a large disney suitcase for the family.   If they had their way I think we would have all of these girls suitcases and kids hand luggage on order right now.

Image Description Details Features
Disney Minnie Mouse Suitcase Set 2Matalan Disney
Minnie Mouse
4 Wheeled Suitcase
Hard Case
Large: 77x 54 x 29cm
Medium: 68 x 47 x 25cm
Small: 56 x 37 x 22cm
Weight: Various
4 Wheels
Extendable Handle
Set available
paw patrol pink skye suitcase 2Matalan
Paw Patrol
Pink Skye
Soft Case
Size: 46 x 3 x 14cm

2 Wheels
Extendable handle
Soft Case
Size: 36 x 50 x 20cm
Capacity: 26L
Weight: 2 kg
2 Wheel
Front Pocket
Back Pocket
Frozen suitcase UK 2Disney Frozen
Elsa Trolley
Hard Case
Size: 19cm x 48cm

2 Wheels
Extendable handle
Carry handle
Light up wheels
Mr Men
Little Miss Sunshine
Hard Case
4 Wheels
Extendable handle
shimmer and shine suitcase 2Shimmer & Shine
Children's Luggage
Soft Case
Size: 17 x 33 x 46.5cm
Weight: 1Kg
2 Wheels
Adjustable handle
Front pocket
My Little Pony Suitcase 2My Little Pony
Carry on
Hard Case
Size: 46x 32 x 23cm
Weight: 1.73Kg
2 Wheels
Easy grip handle

We all hope that you love our girls luggage suggestions. If you are thinking about updating the family suitcases do bear in mind our tips so you buy the right suitcase for your next holiday.  Picking the right girls suitcases can be a great way of encouraging your kids not only to love travel but also learn the important skills that go into making great holidays and lasting memories.  Whether it’s a girls pink suitcase or a minnie mouse cabin suitcase your new travel accessory is sure to become a much loved part of your family holidays for your next trip.

This post does contain affiliate links, so if you love our suggestions and you decide to make a purchase, I might receive a few pennies at no extra cost to you.  It’s a lovely way to support this website and we appreciate every single click.

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Best girls suitcases and luggage sets #travelgear #luggage #familytravel #familyholiday
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  1. I need to buy some suitcases soon and I think I will be heading to Matalan! I love the Unicorn and the Minnie mouse one’s….I think my girls would love them too x


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