The girls have completely fallen in love with Sylvanian Families since they received the Sylvanian restaurant and cat family to review a while ago.  The love the Sylvanian Families animals because of their cute faces and gorgeous dress up clothes.  The Sylvanian family toys really seem to capture their imagination too.

They were both delighted when another Sylvanian families toy delivery arrived in the post and could wait to see what was inside. This time they would be adding the Sylvanian Families Ride Along Tram and the Sylvanian Families Rabbit Dress Up Duo to their collection. Exciting times!

sylvanian family toys

The latest Sylvanian Families figures to join our collection were a really big hit. This cute little pair of rabbits are just adorable and they look ready to hit the Sylvanian town as soon as they come out of the packet.  The ‘Mummy’ rabbit has a lovely red and pink dress with lace detail and a gold broach.

The ‘daughter’ rabbit looks equally as sophisticated in her red and white dress with pearl broach and they both look like they are going to be visiting somewhere very special.  You also get some extra Sylvanian Families accessories with the dress up set so you can add a hat and matching bag to your figures.

sylvanian families figures

The Sylvanian Families Dress Up Duo are the perfect characters to go with the Ride Along Tram toy from the Town Series collection.  When the Sylvanian Families tram comes out of the box there is a small amount of assembly required, but it really doesn’t take long.

There are stickers to add to decorate the tram and accessories and a few pieces need connecting to the tram.  This time I got the girls involved with adding the stickers and accessories and they had a lot of fun doing it.

The Sylvanian Families tram comes with some lovely features for imaginative play too.  The doors open and close so your Sylvanian families figures can get on and off the tram easily.  The seats can be placed in different positions on the tram, including the top if they fancy a bit of sightseeing. The ticket desk where you can give your Sylvanian families animals tickets and a their tour guide is also the driver’s area when turned round.  You also get a drivers hat, and a tram stop so that you can add lots of dimensions to the role play with your Sylvanian toys.

sylvanian families review

We’ve really enjoyed having the Sylvanian Families Ride Along Tram and the Sylvanian Families Rabbit Dress Up Duo to play with.  The girls seem to really love the characters and the accessories, and the toys seem to lend themselves really well to sharing which is always a bonus in our house.

We also made a little video about our new Sylvanian family toys to tell you all about them:

You can find the latest collections and accessories on the Sylvanian Families uk website and you can also buy Syvanian Families online at Argos or Amazon.

The Sylvanian Families Ride Along Tram is currently priced £29.99

The Sylvanian Families Dress Up Duo is currently priced £19.99

We were provided with these Sylvanian Families toys for the purpose of this review but all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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