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London is an amazing city, and I was lucky enough to enjoy a child free break there a few weeks ago.  It was also a husband free break, as someone had to stay home and look after the kids.  I was completely footloose and fancy free, so to speak! I’ve spent a lot of time in London since being a child, and even lived there for a short time when I was in my teens, so visiting the capital by myself doesn’t phase me in the slightest.  It was actually

I received a very warm welcome when I arrived at Amba Hotel Marble Arch hotel, which always bodes well for a pleasant stay I think.  Getting off on the right foot sets the tone for the experience that awaits.  Alexandra checked me in without any fuss and showed me to my room once we had dispensed with all the formalities.  I thought this was a lovely touch and gave me chance to find out a little bit more about the hotel. While we were en route to my room she explained that

Staying at Hampton by Hilton at London Gatwick Airport is a great way to get your holiday off to a good start.  For me, a holiday begins the moment you leave the house so I like to make every aspect of the trip as enjoyable as possible.  I think this is so important when you have children too.  Arriving at you dream holiday destination fraught from travelling with kids is no way to kick things off is it? Hampton By Hilton Hotel We were recently invited to stay at Hampton

Wow, didn’t I get a treat this weekend!  I got a weekend of bedtime duty and headed to London for a very exciting event which you can read about here.  One of the recommended places to stay was the Travelodge London Central City Road Hotel, because of it’s proximity to The Brewery where the event was taking place. I booked by room back in January and used the Saver rate discount.  For 2 nights in central London, the cost was £119 for a double room with no extras.  For London

She hadn’t been away in such a long time, and it had been even longer without the kids in tow.  She took her seat on the train and carefully arranged her latte, magazine and phone to take full advantage of this new found freedom.  She was London bound and she wasn’t going to feel in the slightest bit guilty about reading the glossy she’d grabbed at the kiosk from cover to cover.  After all, what else was there to do, with no kids to entertain? She recognised the suburbs instantly and

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