Dear Daughter

Happy 4th Birthday!  I cannot believe that you are actually 4 years old already.  Where has the time gone?  This year is a big year for you with lots of changes ahead.  You’ll be off to school in September, but for now we are going to be making the most of not being part of the school run.  We’ve got a good few months of freedom yet.

Happy 4th Birthday - A Letter To My Daughter

We have been quite the travellers since you turned 3.  We enjoyed a family holiday in Costa Brava and then you and I ventured off on our first holiday alone to Nerja.  I loved having this time with just you.  It’s been challenging adjusting to having a little sister and sharing our attention with her.  This trip gave Mummy the opportunity to focus on just you and it was the perfect holiday.  We spent hours playing on the beach and you didn’t care that Mummy forgot your swimming costume.  You didn’t let that stop you getting in the sea.

Burriana Beach Nerja

The days were busy and the nights were relaxed cuddling up and reading bedtime stories.  It was quality time well spent and I saw a real shift in your behaviour after this holiday.  You seemed much more settled in yourself, which helped with all your relationships including with your little sister.

sister helping with dress

We were lucky enough to enjoy another holiday together in Fuengirola just a few weeks ago.  The strength of your bond with your sister really came through this time and you really missed her.  We had a lovely holiday, but it was a shame that we couldn’t share this experience with the rest of the family.

You love flying and it’s brilliant to see you get excited about going travelling with me.  I hope this is something that continues to grow for you as there is so much to see and enjoy about the world around us.

You have been such a lucky girl this birthday too.  You received a lovely bike from your grandparents for your birthday and Daddy has told me many times how proud you were riding around the park on it.  I wish I could have seen your first ride out, but I’m sure we’ll experience many more.

There is also the musical and light up Elsa dress.  You love it.  I’m so glad I got it for you, even though the song is becoming a touch tedious already.  You look perfect in it with your Elsa plat, and you were the belle of the ball at your birthday party.

Frozen Light Up Musical Elsa Dress

Party day got a little bit much for you, but you still had an amazing time.  We built your trampoline in the morning and you couldn’t wait to get on it.  You and your sister are going to get years of enjoyment out of playing on it together.  On reflection, we perhaps should have done the trampoline reveal a different day to your birthday party, but we’ll know for next year.

The party was in the afternoon and you were very excited to show off your new Elsa dress.  Everyone dressed up and you all had an amazing time.  Sadly it all came to a head for you when it was time to cut the cake.  You literally screamed at us not to sing you Happy Birthday to you and someone else had to blow your candles out.  All the party food and cake had gone to your head, but it was your party and you were aloud to cry if you wanted to.  We don’t call you Princess for nothing!

girl riding scooter

You’re such a spirited little lady who can one minute be footloose and fancy free and the next need a big dose of reassurance from Mummy or Daddy.  You are bright and clever, and incredibly vocal.  You have been known to throw the odd teenage strop, but I’m all for getting them out of the way now so that’s OK.

I hope that we are able give you the reassurance you need so that your spirit can truly shine.  You are a beautiful little lady inside and out and can be the kindest sweetest 4 year old when you want to be.

I cannot lie to you though, there are times when you forget yourself and can be a little unkind but that is par for the course when you are 4.  I will try my best to help you understand the impact your behaviour can have on others and I’m sure it’s a trait you are going to be leaving behind pretty soon.

You will start to appreciate other people’s feeling more when you get you into the school playground, as there are going to be lots of new people for you to understand and get along with.  There are going to be lots of ups and downs a long the way as growing up is a long journey, but Mummy and Daddy will be there holding your hand all the way.

Happy 4th Birthday Princess!

Love you to the moon and back!

Mummy xxx


  1. I love that you have these little trips with your daughter. I wish I had that too with mine. They grow up so fast don’t they? She’ll be in school soon 😉

  2. This is lovely! I just read your welcome and i have a 19 year old, my boy turns 4 next month and a 1 year old! Snap! Almost 🙂
    They grow way to fast but what great memories you have already created. Hope you all have another fun filled year of lovley memories! .. i really want a trampolining, for the kids of course 😉


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