How To Lose WeightHello and welcome back to another week of Thinking Thin.  I really hope you’re enjoying my weekly updates and tips about weight loss.  I genuinely know how hard it is to shed those pounds and have spent most of my life yo-yoing up and down the scales.  This week I’ve got something will help us all out.  If you’ve not heard of the compound effect, read on.  It could make a big difference to your weight loss journey.

I think we all know that if we eat less and move more we can make a significant difference to how healthy we are, but for some of us, breaking those bad habits is a real challenge.  I think the compound effect will make a big difference and I’d love to know if you have tried it and if it works for you.

Weight Loss Update

Since getting back on the wagon I’m pleased to report I’ve seen a reduction in weight of 6lbs.  Woohoo!  Go me!  I’m really chuffed with my progress and the journey so far has been pretty easy.  I cannot stress enough how giving up caffeine has helped me.  I really would encourage you to reduce your intake if you’d like to make your weight loss journey easier.

I haven’t had any caffeine now for 3 weeks, and it has completely reduced my cravings for sugary foods.  It wasn’t a change I expected or planned at all, but this small change has had a massive impact.

Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water

After reading more about the benefits of drinking lemon water, I’ve been drinking more of it.  It not only helps to flush out the toxins in your body if drunk first think in the morning but it also contains pectin fibre.  This soluble fibre has been linked to weight loss as it is thought to have the ability to make you feel fuller for longer.  I’m all for that, so it’s gotta help, right?

What Is The Compound Effect

I’ve also been introduced to another concept recently that I think may be contributing to my recent weight loss success.  It’s called the compound effect, and it’s something worth building on if you want to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

It’s an idea that is championed by Darren Hardy, and he believes it’s contributed to his success in the business world, but it can be applied to any aspect of your life you want to improve.

It’s about taking small steps to improve your life, consistently over a  period of time.  These small steps build up, and the impact they have on your life can be significant.

Take the example of drinking lemon water.  If I just drank lemon water for one day, the impact on my health and weight loss would be insignificant.  If I consistently drank lemon water over a month, there may be some impact on my weight loss and digestive health but if I stopped the benefits would soon be undone.

If I consistently drink lemon water every day for a year, the impact on my health and well being will be noticeable.  Add to this the other changes I’ve made, like giving up caffeine and being more mindful about what I eat and carrying on with those changes over a year, you would hope I would see a significant benefit to my weight loss.

Turn this idea on it’s head for a second.  My lack of success in the last few months came out of several small steps too.  My caffeine intake gradually increased so that I was drinking a significant amount every day.  My husband and I would have a piece of cake and maybe a chocolate bar on the side in the evening.  It wouldn’t have been so bad if it was just once a week, but we started treating ourselves every night.  Consistently taking these unhealthy steps led to me gaining all the weight  I had lost previously.

One of the really useful concepts that comes out the the compound effect is that it is about small manageable steps.  If those steps are positive ones, the compound impact on your weight loss journey will help you shed those unwanted pounds.  Weight loss doesn’t happen over night, and I don’t believe there are any effective quick fixes.  Making small changes to how you think and feel about food, what you eat and how active you are over time will make the biggest difference.



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