We have all wanted to see In The Night Garden Live for a long time now.  The girls both adore the TV show and secretly Daddy does too.  Going to see it live at some point was a given I guess, as we’ve talked a lot about In The Night Garden here.  When we were invited to see the show, it meant it was going to happen sooner rather than later, so all 4 of us headed to Birmingham recently to see our favourite friends.

In The Night Garden Live Review

It was a pretty wet grey day when we headed of to Cannon Hill Park to take our place in the Showdome for In The Night Garden Live.  We were definitely in need of something to cheer us up as British Summer Time was doing it’s usual disappearing act.

We were sat quite near the back, but as the showdome is set up like an amphitheatre I think everyone gets a great view of the show.  No one is too far away from the action.

In The Night Garden Live BirminghamAs soon as the familiar music started and the showdome was illuminated with those familiar scenes from the TV show, In The Night Garden Live began to come to life.  The girls both beamed with excitement, with Little Pudding clapping as she recognised her favourite  characters.

In The Night Garden has featured in our bed time routine since Princess was born, and she’s now 3, so there is a real fondness for Igglepiggle and Upsy Daisy in our house. This meant that In The Night Garden Live had them both gripped through out.  Mummy and Daddy were pretty enthralled too.  As a Live show for preschoolers go, In The Night Garden Live is definitely one of the best, and we’ve seen a fair few now.

In The Night GardenThe show was completely true to the TV version, meaning even the smallest members of the audience really enjoyed it.  The girls got to meet all their favourite characters and the story of losing Igglepiggle’s blanket was perfect for taking the TV show to a live audience.

With all the In The Night Garden charm, the Tombliboos,  Upsy Daisy and Macca Pacca helped Igglepiggle to find his blanket before heading off to the land of sleep.  Our daughters were hooked from start to finish.

The TombliboosIn The Night Garden Live used such imagination to make us  feel like we had joined the Ninky Nonk and the Pontipines on their very latest adventures.  The show was 50 minutes long, which was just right for it’s young audience before sending everyone off to bed.

In The Night Garden Live 2015I would absolutely recommend taking your Igglepiggle fan along to see In The Night Garden Live if they are a fan of the TV show.  You will make all their little dreams come true before their very eyes.

I wouldn’t have missed my daughter’s face when she say Upsy Daisy take to the stage for anything.  It was a picture.
In The Night Garden Live Show Review
We were provided with complimentary In The Night Garden Live tickets in return for this post but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Oh wow it looks awesome. My little boy is a fan of in the night garden and he is just 2. I wasn’t sure whether he would sit through it but reading your post has given me a little confidence. #MyFavouritePost

  2. I did wonder if Boo would actually sit and watch this, but I decided she was probably a bit too young, but after reading this I really wish we had gone! I am sure Boo would have loved it! It’s a part of her bedtime routine too =)

  3. I have wanted to go to this show for a couple of years but I think I have missed the boat with my two oldest I think im going to have to wait for my little one to grow into it! it looks like you had a great time #triedtested

  4. I am off to see this in August in Manchester so I am glad it is worth the effort and money. Thankfully my little one is still at an age where he won’t know that he can meet the characters or have a goody bag as when you added everything up it was getting to the point where I would have to sell a kidney to afford it all. I just hope he manages to sit still, but from what you have said it is very likely that he will be entranced by it. Fingers crossed. Thanks for sharing your experience. #MyFavouritePost
    Harry’s Honest Mummy recently posted…Knickers in a TwistMy Profile

  5. This sounds magical. I’m a bit gutted that Tin Box Tit seems to have gone off In The Night Garden. She used to love Macca Pakka and Upsy Daisy. The live show might change her mind though. It sounds like just the right length for little people #TriedTested

  6. This looks amazing, my lil one would LOVE this! I love the way they have the puppet masters on stage doing it live. #myfavouritepost

  7. Sounds good! 50 minutes sounds just right to get value for money and not have the littler kids get bored and restless. Thanks for hosting #MyFavouritePost


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