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Do your kids love playing with dough?  I know mine do.  When it’s time to set up an activity, playing with dough is the first thing they ask for.  So when we were asked if we would take a look at the Peppa Pig Softee Dough Picnic Playset, it was a bit of a no brainer really.  I like sets like this that give kids some structure and guidance to playing with dough, as it means they are less likely to just mix it all together into a random creation.

A few weeks ago I was invited to a rather exciting event at the intu shopping centre in Derby.  Hotter shoes dropped me a line, and were keen to show off their autumn/winter collection so of course I said ‘count me in’.  I won a pair of Hotter Shoes in a twitter competition a while ago, and they are so comfortable and practical, so I was already a bit of a fan to be honest. We had the Hotter shop all to ourselves, and the undivided attention of the staff

My daughters are huge fans of animals, and in particular they love dogs.  They got a little bit excited when they heard that we were going to be reviewing the Pet Parade Family and the Pet Parade Scooter sets by Flair.  These toys are awesome as you don’t need any batteries.  They are small, but have lots of cool features and they give children the chance to care for their own pet, without all the drama of having a real dog. 

Regular readers of my blog will remember that back in the summer I was lucky enough to review a gorgeous pair of Strive sandals.  I absolutely loved them and have literally lived in them since they arrived.  As the weather has begun to change, I knew it would soon be time to hang up my sandals, metaphorically speaking, and find a warmer alternative. Well, Strive footwear must have literally read my mind, and got in touch a few weeks ago and asked if I would like to take a look

Sofia the First was a normal girl until her mother, Miranda, became engaged to King Roland II of Enchancia. Sofia then went from a simple peasant existence, to a life full of magical adventures as a Disney Princess.  Sofia the First is one of my daughters favourite characters.  I think she is the perfect character for little girls to relate to with her ‘normal’ background, love of animals and sense of adventure.  I know this little girl really loves her!

This post  is sponsored by East Midlands Trains I’ve loved train travel since I was a child and it’s no wonder that it’s still very much a feature in my adult life. I will also confess it’s my favourite way to travel above all other modes of transport.  If I can travel by train, I will,  whether it’s for work or pleasure.  As a busy Mum and blogger I need to make the most of the time I have, and I find that I can use being on a train

My daughter and I were lucky enough to be invited to the Nottingham Contemporary to find out more about their summer exhibition and free family activities.  I love introducing my family to new experiences, so I jumped at the chance to pop along.  My daughter really enjoys arts and crafts, so I knew she would love it, and it also gave us the opportunity to spend some precious Mum and daughter time together.

I have been looking forward to this summer for so long.  It’s the first summer that my daughters have really enjoyed playing outside together and they are loving it.  If we haven’t got anything particular planned I know they will love some water play in the garden or a picnic in the park. The difference between this summer and last summer is not having a crawling baby on our hands.  Little Pudding is now a super speedy toddler who likes to run and explore just as much as her 4 year old

Hasn’t it been a funny old summer.  The weather seems to have a complete mind of it’s own leaving us confused about what to wear and how to spend our free time.  The sunny days are even more precious than normal as you don’t know when the heavens are going to open again.  Despite the unpredictable weather, I really hope you are all making the most of the holiday season and enjoying many family memories together. There have been lots of new products come my way this summer, and I

My girls love sandals, and they also love being adventurous.  Sometimes, sandals and adventure don’t always go very well together, especially when you like sparkly sandals and climbing in the adventure playground.  A sparkly pair of sandals can soon look like a battered pair of sandals once they have been put through the mill at the play park or the beach.   Teva Kids Sandals are both sparkly and practical, so perfect for little ladies like mine who like both glitter and adventure.

When Little Pudding turned two we made a really big mistake.  We bought her a balance bike, thinking it would be great for her to be able to practice on ready for a getting a big girls bike.  Well, unfortunately, she really didn’t get on very well with it, and it became quite apparent she was’t quite ready for that stage just yet.  Fortunately, shortly after, I was introduced to the Toddlebike, the pre balance bike for toddlers which sounded perfect for her and we’ve been very busy in the

Before we went to Larmer Tree Festival, Daddy insisted that we invested in a Crotec wagon folding camping trolley.  He wanted to be able to use it to move our camping equipment from the car park to our camping pitch.  Perhaps more importantly, the wanted a camping trolley we could use to pull the kids in during the festival. As we thought a folding camping trolley would be something that we would use a good few times, we decided to buy one.  After checking the prices we decided to buy

Teenagers are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for aren’t they?  Money seems to be the go to gift as soon as they hit 13.  I don’t mind giving money or vouchers to a teenager as a gift, but sometimes it’s nice to give them something a bit different.  I’m always on the look out for present ideas for teens, and when Chatty Feet got in touch my son immediately sprung to mind. I really felt like he deserved a treat as he’s been studying so hard and sitting his A

Jamie’s Italian heard that Kaz and I were going to be staying in London for Britmums Live and very kindly invited us to the restaurant in Angel to try out the Super Lunch menu.  Kaz had never been to Jamie’s Italian before so I was really looking forward to seeing what she thought of it.   I was also looking forward to the chance to catch up with her over a lovely meal before heading off to the Holiday Inn Fringe Party in Camden Town.

There are so many options for places to stay in London that you really can find the perfect place to suit your needs. London has everything from budget hotels, b & b’s, luxury hotels to gorgeous serviced apartments. Kaz from Ickle Pickle’s Life And Travels and myself were heading to London for the weekend to go to Britmums Live and it was the perfect opportunity for us to catch up without our families in tow.  So that we could make a weekend of it, Kaz found us the perfect place to

Things got really exciting in this house this week when my children and I got a sneak peek of the new toys from The Lion Guard.  For those of you not in the know, The Lion Guard is a Disney Junior show about Kion.  Kion is Simba’s youngest child and is set to follow in his Father’s footsteps in protecting the Pride Lands from their enemies.  Simba was of course famous for The Lion King movie, which has proved to be a firm favourite with Disney Fans for many years.

I was so excited to hear that the Go Jetters magazine was going to be heading to shelves across the country from 29th June.  It is up there as one of our favourite CBeebies shows and we have been having a lot of fun exploring the new magazine.  As a Mum who is really keen to help her children to travel and explore the world, I totally love the concept of Go Jetters.  I don’t think there is anything else out there quite like it, so getting our hands on

Bratz Dolls heard we were heading to Larmer Tree Festival next month and wanted to send us one of their new Bratz Music Festival Dolls.  We also had the fun task of creating our very own festival head band to get us in the summer vibe.  We are always up for a bit of crafting in this house and it was fun to try out something new.

Strive footwear were a completely new brand to me just a few weeks ago.  I was looking on Instagram and the lovely Kara from Chelsea Mamma was showing off her new pair of shoes.  I do like shoes, especially if they are pretty and look comfortable too.  My days of crippling heels and squashed toes are well and truly over, in favour of something flatter and more suitable for getting around and chasing kids in.

Schleich have been making educational toys for over 80 years and they certainly know what they are doing.  I have just been reintroduced to them for the purpose of sharing this post with you, but I definitely remember toys like this making an appearance at my school and nursery when I was a child.  There is something comforting about seeing a child play with a toy you are familiar with and that isn’t about the digital world. Schleich toys are about learning through imaginative play and encouraging development in a way

Games aren’t just a fun thing to do with kids, but they also help to teach them new skills.  We were recently sent Bunny Jump from University Games to play with at home.  As well as wanting to review the new game that had arrived I wondered if it might help me out with a problem I’ve been having with my daughters.

I’ve heard a lot about cuddledry towels online from various bloggers, and have been really keen to try one out for myself for a while.  When they agreed that we could test one out during our recent holiday to Spain it fitted in perfectly for us.  We knew we were going to be spending a lot of time in the pool and on the beach, so the cuddledry poncho towel was going to be well used.  With a glorious week of weather ahead of us, it was a guarantee that we were

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