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There is far more to Wales than rugby and sheep. England may boast the most famous landmarks and Scotland may have the most dramatic natural beauty, but Wales has its own quaint charm. If you’re planning a UK holiday, here are a few reasons to not overlook Wales.   Breath-taking Hikes Image Source Those that love their walks will love Wales. Hiking is the best way to take in the beautiful Welsh countryside and there are plenty of trails to be found. The Pembrokeshire Coast Path takes you along the

As a family we were super excited about our trip to Wales with Visit Swansea Bay during half term.  I have to confess I really didn’t know very much about the area before our visit, but I’ve returned feeling completely inspired by all the things there are to do in and around Swansea Bay, the beautiful award winning beaches and the stunning countryside they have. If you haven’t visited Swansea Bay, The Mumbles and Gower yet, I really think you should add it to your UK bucket list very soon.

When tourists from abroad come to visit the UK, it’s often places like London, Edinburgh, Manchester and Stonehenge that are high on their bucket list. Wales can sometimes be seen as a bit of an underdog, but it really shouldn’t be the case. The country is absolutely beautiful, and there are plenty of things to keep you busy whether you love the countryside or prefer a city break.   If you were following my social media channels recently you will know that we had a fantastic time exploring Swansea Bay

On our way back from Bluestone National Park Resort, we decided to make a stop off in the city of Cardiff.  I was really excited about visiting Cardiff after having read so much about it online.  We found a NCP carpark on Greyfriars Road, that seemed pretty central according to the maps.  We unloaded the kids, and thought we would be spending the first hour trying to find somewhere to eat.  Fortunately, there was a family friendly pub right next door to the car park, so we could get everyone

In November, we were lucky enough to be invited to Bluestone National Park Resort in Pembrokeshire to join them for the winter season.  Perhaps I should say, we were invited to the Kingdom Of The Elves as Bluestone takes on a whole different persona in the winter, and some very special visitors play host to the guests that are staying there.  The elves, along with Santa Claus, take up residence at Bluestone, turning it into a magical festive bonanza of Christmas fun and activities, for the whole family to enjoy. The two

Wales is a beautiful holiday destination, and offers some of the most beautiful beaches that the UK has to offer.  There are several holiday options available for visitors, but the most relaxing has to be a stay in a Welsh holiday cottage.  They are perfect for families, groups or couples looking for Wales holiday cottages, and I’ve picked 4 of the best for enjoying the sea and sand, and setting your own holiday itinerary.

When we took our holiday in Pembrokeshire, one thing I really wanted to do was visit Folly Farm Park.  While we were staying at Bluestone National Park Resort, we were lucky enough to be able to spend lots of time with our friends,  Kaz and Pickle from Ickle Pickles Life and Travels.  They have become great friends of ours over the course of our blogging journey and it was lovely to be able to catch up with them during our holiday. As a surprise, Kaz very kindly arranged for us all to have

I have wanted to visit Bluestone National Park Resort for so long and last week my wish finally came true.  The girls and I headed off on a road trip to beautiful Pembrokeshire to see what the best holiday resort in Wales had to offer.  I was also super excited as a visit to Bluestone meant I was able to catch up with my gorgeous friends from Kaz and Pickle from Ickle Pickles Life and Travels.  I couldn’t wait to spend some proper time with these guys and I knew

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