I’ve been making changes to my eating to make it healthier for the last 2 weeks.  Having the vision board is definitely helping me stay on track with being more healthy.  I’ve only fallen off the wagon once which I’m really pleased with.  I’m a lady who is known to binge, to often to mention!


It was because I wasn’t organised to be honest.  The evening meal wasn’t as healthy as it could have been, and the packet of biscuits and chocolate that followed was positively dirty!  It turned into a full on sugar binge fest, the very thing I’m trying to get the better of!  The more rubbish I eat, the more rubbish I want to eat seems to be the case.  Sugar is the biggest culprit but more on that in a later post.


Despite this minor set back I have been getting somewhere with it all and have decided to have a set weigh in day.


Thinking Thin


I’m an impatient soul (cue comment from Granny) and crave instant results.  Well here’s my first stumbling block! I didn’t get to this size overnight, it took time and some effort.  Getting it off again is going to take time also and a considerable amount of effort.  Thinking thin is not an easy fix, but it is about making lasting changes instead of cutting corners with crash dieting.

Ive been hopping on and off the scales like a yo-yo, which I’ve realised isn’t helping me at all!  My weight can fluctuate significantly throughout the day so weighing myself one morning, then the following evening isn’t giving me a true picture and is creating a roller coaster of emotion.  Some weighs I’ve lost pounds and others I’m back to square one.

Weigh in day is going to be Monday morning.  Since starting Thinking Thin I’ve lost 6lbs in about 2 weeks.  Now the challenge is to stay of the scales until next Monday.  Every time I feel an urge to step on them, the little voice in my head will be saying ‘you’ll appreciate the progress you’ve made more on Monday, you’ll know your getting somewhere then!’

How often do you weigh yourself?  Does it help you manage your weight?  Are there better ways to manage if your gaining/losing weight?


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  1. I don’t own a pair of scales but if I’m ever at the GP’s for anything I sometimes ask to step on the scales as I know their scales will be accurate. I don’t know the best way to lose weight but I do know we are creatures of habit and its supposed to take 21 days to break a habit. I think changing the way you think is wise so ‘seeing yourself thin’ will help no end. #binkylinky

  2. I can totally relate to your Sugar binges and the idea that the more rubbish you eat, the more rubbish you want to eat. I’m also one to go for instant gratification, so weight loss has been a terrible struggle for me. In my case, I put on all my overweight in the last two years, but my bingeing goes back to childhood. I wish you good luck on your get-healthy journey. #PoCoLO

  3. What a great news that your diet is working. Congrats on this. I love the new feel on your blog too! So posh! #binkylinky

  4. That’s great progress hon, you should be really proud! I don’t weigh myself very often tbh, my yardstick is how my clothes feel. If they’re a bit too tight then I know something needs to change…

  5. Personally, I weigh every day at the same time and track every days changes. I pay no attention to it however until the Monday weigh in but I think it helps me realising how much it can fluctuate in a day so that on weigh in day I’m not too disheartened if the scales are not telling me what I want!

    Good luck on your thinking thin journey!

  6. Well, I couldn’t let you down! “I want it yesterday! ” is familiar cry to many of us – we’re all guilty of that one at some time or another. And then along comes Life, and we learn to slow down those expectations to fit with reality. That’s when the results start to happen, so well done you for getting to that point. With you all the way, Zena.

  7. Zena,

    I can totally relate to your situation. Sugar is evil. It’s hard but we will make it. I am sure. Your vision board is a very good idea, I will add one to my blog too. I am weighing myself every day, it keeps me motivated and on track. However I would only take the Monday weigh-ins seriously. Looking forward to further posts.

  8. Well done on your progress 🙂 I think a weekly weight in sounds like a good idea.
    I also fall subject to the eating rubbish trap. I have one chocolate which leads me to wanting about 5! Xx


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