OK, I’ve had a channel on YouTube for quite a while, but I couldn’t really call myself a vlogger.  Well folks, all that is about to change and as you already read my blog, I thought you might be interested in what’s going to be happening with Zena’s Suitcase over on YouTube.

Firstly, there’s going to be some exciting video diaries in partnership with Barclays Lifeskills about exploring how us parents can help our kids with preparing for work or work experience.   If, like me, you are worried about how your teen is going to make that leap from education into the real world, this will be worth a watch.

I’m also going to be sharing more vlogs, days out and reviews over on my YouTube channel.  I’ve really enjoyed sharing my first vlog, and have some very exciting news to share with you all. I really hope you enjoy it, and I’d love for you to subscribe to get the very latest videos hot off the press. Come on now, don’t be shy!

I’ve been completely inspired by going to #blogcampuk and #blogonmosi to begin my journey with YouTube, so I really hope you’ll join me. Please do leave me a comment and let me know what you think of my first proper vlog.

Zenas Suitcase


  1. Have fun at blogmosi! Congrats on the new blog ambassador roles… sounds exciting! Hope your little one gets through the teething soon. I have 2 year old twins, one of whom suffered terribly with teething. Nights of screaming are exhausting arent they?! xx

  2. Its so good to hear that these blogging conferences are inspiring people to start amazing things! I’m off to my first one in June and cant wait! I’m under a sleeping baby right now but will come back and watch your vid later!

  3. I’m heading over to Youtube to check you out 🙂 Well done to you for Vlogging i couldn’t do it #MyFavouritePost


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