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The latest travel accessory to arrive in our house is the mifold grab and go child restraint from mifold UK.  We regularly travel with a 4 year old and a 6 year old and I’ve been interested in the mifold travel car seat for a while now.  When we received an email asking us to review the mifold car seat for the blog we were very keen to say yes.  Here is what we discovered about this innovative portable car seat:

What is the mifold Grab and Go Travel Car Seat?

Put very simply mifold grab and go is a compact travel car seat for children aged between 4 and 12 years old.  It’s not a travel booster seat as such, but instead it makes the seat belt fit the child more securely while they are in the car.

mifold grab and go travel car seat review

It’s a universal travel child car seat so it fits in the majority of vehicles including cars and minibuses.  The mifold travel child seat is small and compact which means it will fit into most travel bags or carry on luggage.  It only weighs 1.6lb (750g) and when not in use the dimensions are 10in x 5in x 2in
(25cm x 12cm x 4cm) which makes it a perfect lightweight car seat for air travel.

How Does The mifold Travel Child Seat Work?

With the help of my 6 year old traveller, Indie, we set about finding out how the compact travel car seat worked.  I found the mifold seat really easy to fit in the car and to secure my 6 year old daughter.  She was sat comfortably and securely in the car in less than a minute.

The mifold travel child seat is simply unfolded and the sides are released and adjusted to fit the size of your child.  There are three settings which makes the seat suitable for a 4 year old through to a 12 year old. We used the second setting for Indie.

mifold compact travel car seat

The adjustable strap is then fitted to the seat belt and the fixing is placed in a suitable position to fit the seat belt across the child’s body.  The seat belt lap is secured in the sides of the extendable arms of mifold seat so the entire seat belt fits snuggly to the child across the legs, stomach and chest.  I was really confident that once fitted correctly the ‘mifold grab and go’ would keep the car seat belt in place while travelling and Indie seemed happy in the seat also.

mifold Safety Ratings

A big questions parents will be asking is, is mifold safe?  The mifold grab and go child restraint has met the requirements for the EU Regulation ECE R44 04 which means it is suitable for general use.  What testing did it receive though?  The mifold car seat has been through car accident simulation testing including a frontal car collision at 50 km/h and a rear car collision at 30 km/h.

The ECE R44 04 regulation also requires the mifold car seat to undertake a roll over test.  All the tests required by EU Regulation ECE R44 04 are carried out with test dummies that represent the weight category the car seat is suitable for.

travel car seat

From a parenting perspective, I would be happy to use the mifold grab and go child restraint for when we are travelling abroad.  It would be a perfect travel accessory to take on holiday if we were going to be using taxis or airport transfers.  It will also be helpful for those unexpected car trips a child takes with friends and family who wouldn’t usually have a car seat fitted to their car.

Where to Buy mifold Travel Car Seats

If you are keen to get your hands on a foldable car seat for travel you can purchase mifold grab and go car seats from Whitestep or from the mifold shop on Amazon.  Other mifold stockists in the UK include John Lewis and Dunelm.

How much is the mifold grab and go award winning car seat?   This compact travel car seat costs around £39.95 to buy online.

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We were provided with the mifold grab and go child restraint travel car seat for the purposes of this review, but all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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  1. This would be so helpful for us on holidays where we hire a car. It would mean we could easily pack our own car seat as this is so compact.

  2. This is great for holidays especially city breaks you can pack light but still be able to travel safely when necessary.

  3. I like how it folds away, so you can take it out with you if needed. Also with the seat belt still remaining secure is a big reassurance.

  4. This is really useful as it takes up less space and great for us grandparents too who have to have the same equip as our adult youngsters for our Grandchildren

  5. Fitting in hand luggage is such a bonus. Plus it’s small enough to keep in car for situations when you have an extra child who wants to rage along.

  6. This would be so helpful to me for when I look after my nephew and niece for my sister…..takes up much less room and easy to use?

  7. As we have so many relatives who need to have a car seat to ferry grandchildren around, this is the ideal seat to pass between people. It’s light weight but sturdy and does away with lugging huge bits of plastic and rubber around. Far better for the planet too.

  8. Perfect for holidays where car safety for children is perhaps not always adhered to as strictly as in the UK – lightweight and fold-up makes it the perfect travel accessory.

  9. It’s easy to fit and adjust and can be easily moved around. However, as an auntie with a four year old niece, a little nephew and another on the way, this would be perfect. We always want to take them out (especially my niece as she’s got older) but can’t because we have no car seat. We could just keep this in the boot. It would be ideal.

  10. This would be especially helpful if someone else was picking my child up from school. It could be popped in the school bag easily

  11. its so versatile and easy to use and light as well,always a big plus especially on long car journeys

  12. This would be ideal for grandparents but also with my car I have to have people in my car as part of my work, so having a booster that was easily removable would be a lifesaver for me.

  13. Because the mifold travel child seat is small and compact it would be ideal for me to store in my car for when my step-grandchildren have a friend with them!

  14. I think it would be great for parents who need other peole to help with childcare especially grandparents and childminders.

  15. We don’t have a car here in London and this would be perfect for when we go on holidays or take our daughter to visit family.

  16. I think it’s great for parents to give to Grandparents for days out etc! Car seats are bulky and annoying to keep moving from car to car! This would be great for Nanny & Grandads 🙂

  17. It’s so handy for holidays abroad when you don’t want to lug the full car seat with you on a plane!

  18. hi,
    this is perfect to fit in a smaller car inbetween two other car seats. Solves a lot of problems easily!

  19. It is Lightweight compact and versatile which means it is great for all of our little adventures!

  20. I love how it folds away, so you can take it out with you when needed. Also with the seat belt still remaining secure is a big reassurance ?

  21. This would be ideal for me as a Nan of 7. Grandchildren. Ideal to keep un the boot for when I unexpectedly get a call to collect them from school when they are taken ill and the parents cannot be reached.

  22. As it’s compactible it would help me so much it’s less hassle and easy to take out if we need to get other people in the car

  23. It doesn’t look heavy or bulky so perfect for keeping some where handy for unexpected trips with the kids

  24. it is so useful because of the small compact size. so ideal for taking away on holiday for when you need a taxi to your hotel.

  25. It’s a super useful car seat because it’s so small which means you can throw it in a bag with no worries!

  26. The mifold car seat is so helpful to parents as it’s quick and reliable. Being fully compliant with ECE R44 04 regulations means that it’s safety credentials are fully validated providing further price of mind for parents and carers.

  27. It offers peace of mind and a little more freedom for other people to give your children a lift who might not otherwise have anything suitable in their car.

  28. Come in very handy when travelling abroad and when sharing car lifts with friends and family as light to carry

  29. this would be great for me. i often look after my nephew so to have a seat that is easy to move and carry is ideal

  30. It’s great because it’s always on hand for unexpected trips and lifts, and can be stuck in a handbag or rucksack.

  31. This would be very helpful for me as I often take my nieces and nephews for days out with me and they don’t all have car seats, I also give lifts to my friends and their children, so this would be great to keep in my car for these occasions.

  32. This is such a handy item its light and portable it could be put in a handbag with no trouble reasonably priced very handy for grandparents too for those emergency school runs.

  33. Great as so portable, can be taken with child and be made use of in various cars, taxi, bus :- As and when required. Keeping child safe and comfortable for each journey.

  34. Perfect for grand parents like us who dont have all the necessary equipment, saves having to haul it all from our sons, its like going away for the week having to bring everything for our grand daughters this is great and is easily moved around from them to us. Great idea!.

  35. I don’t drive so my carseats get moved around a lot depending on who is taking us out. This makes things a little easier especially for taxi journeys

  36. Easy to set up, can be used for 8 years. It’s foldable and compact – great for holidays and taxis etc.

  37. This would be a good solution for my 11 year old who isn’t that tall but insists he’s a big boy and doesn’t need a baby seat!

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