I don’t feel I’ve been as on track with my weight loss journey this week folks as I have been before.   This wasn’t the plan with my holiday to Costa Brava only 3 weeks away now.  I was meant to be bursting with motivation and nailing another dress size before our trip for some winter sun.  Especially after last weeks revelations.

How To Fit In Exercise

So what’s changed.  These last 2 weeks I’ve stepped back into the counselling room to have a short course of therapy to help make sense of a few things that happened in my life.  I still haven’t quite got to grips with why I was so derailed by my friends behaviour nearly 2 years ago now.  In order to process it all, I have to go back and explore some rather upsetting emotions, and it resulted in me in eating some cake.  Well, a whole cake to be honest, with a side of chocolate.  It was a proper binge.  I felt rubbish afterwards.

Clearly, this wasn’t on the healthy eating plan, but the majority of the week has still been in check and something else has happened too.  I’ve actually got some exercise into my routine.  Some real exercise, that makes me sweat and everything.

It’s been on my mind for a while that I can’t truly look after myself without bringing more physically active.  Reducing the fat and sugar I eat can go so far, but if I really want to make progress on this weight loss journey I need to move this body.

I’ve fallen into the trap, that many of us do when we are working for ourselves, of spending every minute possible working on my new venture.  That means an awful lot of time spent sitting down typing away on my MacBook.  When I have the girls, of course I’m more physically active but I wouldn’t say I break into a sweat.

I’m also conscious that the weather is getting colder, and I’m the kind of person that finds it difficult to motivate themselves on a cold winter’s night to leave the house to join a class.  I also feel like it’s been that long, I want to ease myself in gently.  I’m definitely not a runner, and walking without a purpose or a companion is quite frankly dull.  So I asked myself a few key questions.

How To Work Out The Right Exercise To Do?

  • What exercise have I enjoyed in the past?
  • Do I want to go to a class or a gym?
  • How can I fit exercise into my routine with little disruption?
  • What are my barriers to exercise?

So what is going to work for me?  I looked at this before, and I know exercise is something I put off.  I’ve thought a lot about the excretes I’ve enjoyed in the past and up until I was 12 weeks pregnant with my now 3 year old, Zumba was a big hit.  It’s lively and fun, and I’ve always liked a bit of dancing.  I also think the other key to this is YouTube, and I’ve discovered a lot of Zumba workouts online.  On all my working days this week, I’ve taken a half hour break to do a Zumba workout in my living room.  It’s what I call a start.  I get the sense of being in a class and the fun of the exercise in my own living room. Win, win, WIN!

I’m going to start off aiming for 3* half an hour work outs a week until my fitness levels have increased.  I’ve found this really great video where the women in the white vests are doing the low impact version.  I’ll be testing out a few other YouTube exercise classes in the coming weeks, but this seems like a great place to start.  If you have a go at it, I’d love to hear what you think.


  1. Good luck! I’ve also binged a lot recently, mainly because I’ve been poorly and just ate whatever for convenience. I need to get back into working out. I might give that half hour cardio a try! Thanks! Fab post.

  2. Ah I know this feeling so well (you can see on my blog how epicly I know how to fail on weight loss) but you can do this!
    As long as you have a plan and a goal, you can get there xx

  3. Thank you for this, I found it really inspirational. I am also trying to incorporate more exercise into my routine and it’s great to know that I’m not alone. I really hope this works for you, I know I always feel better when I’m exercising more – weightloss is just a happy byproduct.x
    Natalie Ray recently posted…Our Thursday Photo #72My Profile

  4. Good luck with this Zena. I think it’s so important to fit in regular exercise but do I practise what I preach? Not at all because I really struggle to fit it in so this post has really helped. I think bite sized chunks like you are doing with 3 half hour sessions a week is achievable. Can’t wait to read the progress.

  5. Ok. I am a self-confessed Tracy Anderson Method devotee and I really cant recommend it enough as a total body/life revolutionary plan. I started with her ‘Metamorphosis’ plan nearly two years ago and haven’t looked back since. I would urge you to google it! it really is amazing for both body, mind and for me, triggered the start of much better eating habits.
    I tend to go on about the Method quite a bit … I cant help it!
    Anna xx

  6. Good luck! I just started my gym cardio with a personal trainer because of my health problems the exercise I do has to be watched by someone who knows how to deal with my problems. So far so good, it has been a good week! 😀
    Check Blogilates on YouTube and Fitness Blender, they are the best! 😀

  7. You’ve done so well Zena, a little set back helps you to reassess how far you’ve come.I have scoliosis, so I’m very limited to what exercise I can do.Walking is all I do but I really enjoy our weekly family rambles.Good luck with your new exercise routine.


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