Visiting Devon gave us as a family the chance to learn more about the fascinating Jurassic Coast and the incredible history and geology connected to this beautiful part of the UK.  Seaton Jurassic is an attraction I really think you should add to your list of things to do in Devon if you are keen to learn more about the dinosaurs that once lived here during prehistoric times. 

Family going to Seaton Jurassic Devon

Seaton Jurassic is a hands on and interactive exhibition that children of all ages will enjoy.  Brook who is 3 years old, well nearly 4, really enjoyed exploring the exhibition and Indie, who is now 6 years old got a lot out of taking part in the Time Travellers activity and completing her dinosaur passbook.  

We began the expereince in the Time Traveller’s study where she explained more about the Jurassic Coast and the work that lay ahead for us.  Younger visitors will probably recognise the holographic Time Traveller as Rebecca from CBeebies, which we thought was a lovely touch. 

2 Kids inside Seaton Jurassic

There are lots of interesting things hidden in her study including the many fossils she had found and the first of the treasure chests we needed giving us the clues to answer the questions in our passbook.  Each chest contained information about a species that lived during the prehistoric era.  We had to answer the questions and decide from the information we were given whether this species had survived or become extinct.  It was a fun way to encourage children to learn about the animals that lived on earth many millions of years before us.

Child exploring exhibit at Seton Jurassic

After exploring the corridors of the Time Traveller’s house we discovered her submarine and launched it into the prehistoric ocean.  We saw the different creatures that lived in the sea millions of years ago from our vessel, which we had to carefully to navigate through the ocean. 

We had found a rock filled with tiny fossils on Seaton beach, and we saw what these Ammonites would actually have looked like swimming in the sea during prehistoric times.  This was a lucky find on our part and really helped to bring the Seaton Jurassic expereince to life for the girls, and for us too.  

We spent along time exploring the sea and navigating the submarine before heading back to the workshop to find more clues.  With so much to touch and explore the girls were throughly enjoying all of the exhibits at Seaton Jurassic. 

Once our work was complete, they looked for the next place to explore.  The girls disappeared down a slide into a rock pool where all of a sudden they were swimming amounts the other water loving inhabitants.  Instead of looking into the rock pool they were actually in it, and the giant seagull above really bought this to life for them.  There was lots to discover here, as life in a rock pool is far more interesting than it looks from the outside.  

With all our clues solved, it was time to step outside and learn more about Seaton, it’s relationship with the sea and the wildlife in the area.  The beach was respresented of course and the wetlands we had seen from Seaton Tramway.  Combining the tram with a visit to Seaton Jurassic makes so much sense for a day out in Devon and gives you lots of amazing memories to take home with you too. 

With the final clues solved in our activity book, it was time to emerge from what had been a real time travelling experience back into modern day Seaton.  We had gained a new insight into the jurassic era and how it has shaped this particular piece of British coastline.  As a family, we were all really impressed with Seaton Jurassic as a family friendly attraction.  Brook loved the hands on nature and enjoyed collecting the stamps she explored Seaton Jurassic.  Indie embraced the Time Traveller’s study activities and learnt lots about creatures who were now extinct and some that still exist today. 

Playing outside at Seaton Jurassic Devon

It’s great fun for the kids, really hands on, interactive and packed with learning too.  The whole concept of Seaton Jurassic has been very well designed making for a fun day out for all.  Most of the Seaton Jurassic experience is inside, so this is a great place to visit if you are looking for things to do in Devon when it rains.  The outdoor aspects of the attraction do have some shelter if the weather is wet, but also Seaton Jurassic provide umbrellas to use for this part of the attraction too. 

As well as the interactive exhibits at Seaton Jurassic there is also a cafe and gift shop.  Seaton Jurassic is also fully wheelchair accessible. 

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Things to do in Devon with Kids - Seaton JurassicWe were provided with complimentary access for a day out at Seaton Jurassic in return for this review but all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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