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Halloween is just around the corner everyone and if you are anything like me you are super busy and before you know it this spooky night will be right on top of you.  Will you be prepared for some spooky activities and play ideas with the family? Halloween is a fab opportunity for you to have some fun with your family and create new memories, and I really don’t want you to miss out. Even if you’re not a fan of trick or treating, and I know lots of people

If you are getting a little bored with your living space, it might be time to refresh some of your soft furnishings.  Perhaps your sitting room is too dark, and few changes might just liven things up for the winter months.  Maybe you want to make it feel cosier, while adding your own personality at the same time. If you are a lover of travel like me, you may want to bring your passion into your living room.  We can’t be on a trip all of the time, but we can

Our house is a very busy house, and maintaining a sense of calm in it is one of my constant challenges.  I’m determined to get on top of this in time for Christmas.  One thing that seems to add to our house stress levels is the clutter and ambience.  Daddy is a bit of a stress head anyway, and trying to keep everything calm is a real challenge.  The girls can often disturb the calm in the house too by emptying a container of toys of the floor or just

Travelling to explore a new place is what many of us love experiencing at one point in our lives and is something I’m really passionate about. At the same time, there are a ton of reasons how travelling can set even the most health-conscious individual’ diets off the healthy path, and it’s something that seems to effect me a lot! Your normal schedule is disrupted. Your gym equipment is replaced by handbags and suitcases. But if you can learn how to recognise and avoid the many potholes of travelling, you

Second hand furniture is becoming more and more popular for using to decorate a new or existing home. Whether your moving house or just want to create a new look in the home you are already in, second hand furniture shops can come to your rescue every time, bringing you in on budget and creating a unique look you really won’t find anywhere else. Home owners and people who rent their property want to be able to put their own individual stamp on their home, and the internet provides us

Decorating a boys bedroom can be quite a challenge, but if done right it can look really special.  We really enjoyed decorating my son’s bedroom when he was younger and we had a lot of fun using bright colours and adding a space theme to it.  It was lovely to be able to create a personal space just for him that he loved and it really didn’t cost a lot either.

Summer has come and gone and now it is time to decorate your home for the autumn/fall season! Filling it with appropriate decorations is a fun process, but it can be quite costly. However, you can save on your home decor by using  coupons for this and other special occasions.  There are also a number of ways that you can make your home look its best while remaining within your budget. Read on to learn more: Fall Decorations On A Budget Use Pumpkins Pumpkins are fun to use for fall themed

My Friend Freddy Bear has recently joined my 3 year old’s toy collection, and she has spent the last couple of weeks getting to know him.  Freddy Bear already knew her though.  He knew her name, who her best friends were and lots of other things about her before he arrived.  He isn’t just any old bear, he really is her new best friend.

You might remember that last year my bathroom had a mini makeover.  I have to say it was a dramatic improvement on what it looked like before, but there is still more to be done. What I learned from that experience was that if anything is going to improve in this house, it’s down to me to sort it out.  I love my husband dearly, but he isn’t in the slightest bit handy or interested in home improvements. Did I tell you the fiasco we had over having a new

These things come round so quick don’t they.  One minute Father’s Day is week’s away and the next it’s the following Sunday, and you still haven’t got a card or a present. Dad’s can be so hard to buy for.  Often they don’t want anything, but actually they do!  A handmade card goes down really well when you’ve got young children.  Of course, older children and adults can also put their artistic skills to the test if they really want too! The Father in out house is notoriously difficult to buy for

When you’re traveling with kids every inch of space is precious.  There are so many eventualities to cater for, and the various different stages of travelling to think about.  There is of course what you need while you’re on your long awaited holiday.  But you also have to think about what you need while you are travelling, especially when you have kids. Take travelling on a plane for example, kids need stuff to keep them entertained, fed, clean AND happy!  The Boostapak is perfect for making sure you have everything

Recently the lovely folk down at Scoff Club got in touch and asked me if I wanted to try their new subscription service.  When they said it was to have a box of tasty retro sweets sent to my door every month, I got myself signed up straight away.  From that moment on I was looking forward to what tasty treats were going to be turning up at my door. Your specially selected box of sweets is sent out at the beginning of every month, and there are three subscription

Mother’s Day is a chance to spoil the one lady in your life who has stuck by you through thick and thin. The only person who makes you feel special whatever the circumstance, and will do your laundry without compliant. No-one is quite as special as your mum. With the day fast approaching, what better time to show her just how much she means to you by spoiling her rotten. From beautiful jewellery to tasty treats, here are five ideas that are guaranteed winners for Mother’s Day…

This is always such a difficult dilemma.  When, in a new relationship is it OK to celebrate Valentines Day?  The problem is you are still getting to know each other, and no one wants to appear too keen do they?  There is still an element of being cool and aloof while you still establish if this new relationship is right for you. Things are looking good, but you also don’t want to put your perspective love off with too bold a gesture.  We all know things can go horribly wrong

We’ve all done it.  Left buying that important person a gift because we’ve a) forgot b) have no idea what to buy them or c) been so busy time has just run away with you and before you know it, it’s Christmas in less than 2 weeks!  Eek! So to help you out, here’s my quick last minute gift guide to get you out of this present buying pickle you’ve found yourself in.  There’s a little something here for everyone, so I’m sure it will inspire you.

I love Christmas.  To be fair it hasn’t always been that way, but now I’m lucky enough to have my own family it really is a magical time.  It makes up for those that weren’t quite so cheery back in the day. When we’re faced with dark nights and the many surprises a British winter can bring some fairy lights and tinsel can go along way.  I know a lot of people think Christmas starts too early, decorations are up too soon but personally I like to embrace it.  Anything

Babies aren’t always the most exciting of things, and some days, dare I say it, they can be down right boring.  It’s important to have a few tricks up your sleeve to get you through the cycle of feeding and nappies, as all too quickly you can find yourself isolated, lonely and just not enjoying it. Firstly, get yourself signed up with Netmums and Mumsnet.  They are great resources for Mums whether your an old hat at it or a first timer.  Here you’ll find lists of local baby groups

If you’ve passed by my blog before, you’ll already know there is a big age gap between Teen and the girls, 14  AND 16 years now we have Tinkerbell.  Clearly they don’t have an awful lot in common or enjoy the same toys but it’s still really important for us to enjoy family time together.  Sometimes this means a trip to somewhere like Drayton Manor and other times it means enjoying what’s near by. We are lucky enough to live near a great park, and in the summer it’s full of people making the

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